What makes Daisy Rock Guitars different from other standard size/shape guitars?  For starters, our guitars have slim neck profile. This makes for easier playing for people with smaller hands. Our guitars are also lightweight so they won't overpower you if you have a small build. Another really great feature of our guitars is the contour in the body design. The guitars are extremely comfortable and lie perfectly across your body. Not to mention that they sound and look great on stage! Overall, Daisy Rock Guitars are designed specifically for girls and are a perfect fit for female guitarists.

How much do the guitars cost?  Prices vary depending on the model.

Which guitar is best for my teenage daughter?  It depends on if she wants to play an electric or an acoustic guitar. Check out the PRODUCTS page to see what we have!

What is the Debutante by Daisy Rock?  Debutante by Daisy Rock is our line of beginner electric guitars and acoustic guitars designed for young girls who are just learning to play. All Debutante guitars feature a thin, slim neck design, and are constructed from lightweight materials like their “older sisters” in the Daisy Rock line, but the Debutante line is created with the beginner in mind. Many models are “short-scale” guitars, which means they fit younger girls better (think ages 6-12). Debutante guitars are built to last, and they’re at a price point that parents can afford. Debutante guitars are THE perfect beginner girl guitars!

What is the main difference between the Wildwood and Pixie Acoustic Guitars?  The main difference between the Wildwood Acoustic and the Pixie Acoustic is that the Wildwood Acoustic is scaled at 22 ¾, while the Pixie Acoustic is a bit larger, scaled at 25 ¼. The Pixie Acoustic comes with a composite oval back, while the Wildwood has mahogany back and sides. Both come in a variety of finishes to fit your personal style.



Are the straps adjustable? Yes! Check out our cool ACCESSORIES page. 

Do you sell Bass guitars? Yes!  

How heavy are Daisy Rock Guitars?  The weight of the guitar depends on the model. Weights vary from 4 lbs to 7 lbs.

Do you make left-handed guitars? If so, do they cost extra?  We do have Left Handed guitars BUT only on certain models. Look through the product page to find which models are offered in Left Handed. There is a $20 surcharge on all left handed models.


Is a Daisy Rock guitar's neck thinner than other guitars?  Our guitars have a slim neck profile that makes them easier and more comfortable to play for girls with smaller hands.

How do I become a Daisy Rock dealer (retailer)?  Please send an email to daisyrock@daisyrock.com for details on becoming a Daisy Rock dealer.


EMAIL: info@daisyrock.com