Stardust Elite Bass

Artists who play this guitar:

Colleen Haile-Fucci
"At last, there is a 32" scale bass (Daisy Rock's, Stardust Elite) that not only possesses a slim neck, but is lightweight making it easy to rock out on stage..... without sacrificing the sound. Well done Daisy Rock."
Sarah Thompson
I love my Daisy Rock Bass guitars!
Devon Goocher
Daisy Rock is the best! Not only can girls rock with the boys, but now we can do it with style!
David Ryder Prangley
I absolutely love my Daisyrock bass and I play it pretty much exclusively both with Rachel Stamp and on the session dates I do with Livan, Eric Faulkner (Bay City Rollers) and Adam Ant. It's so great to play, sounds killer, looks cool and always gets attention; everything I want from a musical instrument!

Daisy Rock Guitar prices and specifications subject to change. Some guitars available in left-handed configurations only in specific colors.

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All Daisy Rock guitars are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. All Daisy Rock guitars arrive set up and ready to play.