Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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Janina Ohlson

Örebro - Sweden.


To whom it may concern,

First of all I hope that you will read through this and that you have the "balls" to put my letter on your webpage, for everyone to read! I cannot believe my eyes...come on what is this, some kind of sick hoax...? I am a professional musician (and I happen to be a woman), this is really sickening to my stomach, this entire concept that you have unleashed upon the world!

Guitars for girls... Jesus Christ... and if that ain´t bad enough, hell they’re shaped like flowers, hearts, butterflies etc... it looks more like something from a toy store catalogue, My Little Pony springs to mind...*sigh*

And to make matters even worse you have the nerve to publish and sell "girl guitar playing method" (or whatever it was called)... Do you realize that what you are doing is nothing but making it even harder for female musicians to be taken seriously in this male dominated field, which (sadly) guitar playing still is... Shame on you!

I have struggled with tendonitis, (and btw, I am 5'5", and rail thin, and... surprise, surprise that hasn’t stopped me from being able to shred like hell!) and trust me there are guitars out there with slim necks, and light weight bodies (you might have heard of; Ibanez, Jackson, ESP) I hope that you understand that you are degrading and patronizing female musicians with your horrid excuses for musical instruments. Don’t give me any crap about small hands, hard to play etc., etc.... perhaps you are familiar with such guitar greats as; Randy Rhoads, Dan Spitz, Angus Young whose physique (height, size of hands etc) was/is not much different from the built of the average woman, wonder what they would have said if someone had force fed them with the bullshit you sell, just because they are not 6'2" and built like Zakk Wylde... So get a grip! Do the right thing - which is to apologize to all the female guitar players out there, print your apology on your website! (even better: close down your business for good!) And oh, btw, it is not a question of gender when it comes to guitar playing or musicianship, it shouldn’t even be an issue! If you play you play, no matter what gender, age, race or level you are – it is all about the love of music! You do not require a certain height, or muscle mass to be able to play guitar, and most importantly of all, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GUITARS FOR MALE OR FEMALE MUSICIANS!!! (it wasn’t even an issue before your company reared its ugly head When it comes to the choice of guitars, it is all about the desired tone, different woods, fret board radius, body shape etc i.e. some players prefer Les Pauls, while others like Strats etc, it’s a matter of taste and what is required of the chosen instrument... for an example one would not choose a Washburn Dimebag Darrell guitar if one had a gig with a country music band...
Shape up and be ashamed of yourselves! Sincerely,
Janina Ohlson
Örebro - Sweden.

P.S. you are most welcome to contact me via email for further discussions!

Response from
Jeff Garvin
Daisy Rock Guitars

Dear Janina,

Thank you for your impassioned email. Everybody at Daisy Rock has read your email, but I’m going to try to reply on behalf of all of us.

First of all, we are glad you play guitar, and we are glad that you shred. We are glad that, despite the sexism inherent in the music biz, you continue to rock.

Our founder, Tish Ciravolo, was a professional touring bassist in the 80’s & 90’s. She was in a number of really great bands, and rocks REALLY hard. (She continues to rock with her current band sASSafrASS.) Her experience of the music biz frustrated her – she’d walk into a guitar store and the guy behind the counter would ask, “Hey, is your boyfriend in a band?” Then, she’d look at the drab selection of black and red guitars on the wall and wish there was something out there that really appealed to her style. One day, years later, she was sitting with her two daughters when her oldest drew a big pink daisy with a crayon. Tish got inspired to draw a neck and a headstock, and really liked what she saw.

So she set out on her own to create a guitar company that inspired girls to play. Even women like yourself, who are satisfied with what’s on the market and who were already rocking long before Daisy Rock came about, are coming out in DROVES to support her mission. (Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart, The First Lady of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson, etc.) She started with hearts, daisies, and butterflies, yes – and it was a brilliant scheme to grind out a niche market, which she has since widened with some amazing pro-quality guitars. I’m not sure if you’ve checked out our Stardust, Rock Candy, and Tom Boy series of guitars – but they absolutely rock. Have you played one? We’re using high-end components from Grover and TonePros, and strings from D’Addario– and we’ve been getting rave reviews in Guitar Player and Guitar World. I’m a guy, 5’9”, with fairly large hands, and I play my Retro-H on stage every week – it’s my favorite guitar.

The hardest part of your email for me is your comment that our instruments are demeaning and patronizing to women. I was standing in our booth at the NAMM show last week, and a 9-year-old girl came in and picked up one of our new Wildwood Acoustics. She blew us away with the way she was playing. The look in her eyes as she stared around at all our extremely cool guitars can be described as nothing other than inspiration. She and her mom spent an hour in the booth, playing different guitars and ooh-ing and ahh-ing. I don’t think they felt demeaned, I think they felt excited. Later that day two of our all-girl punk-band endorsed artists came in and thanked Tish personally for making cool guitars that inspired them to play. I wish you could have experienced some of this.

Look, there’s no pleasing everybody. Yours is not the first email we’ve received from a woman who is upset at what we’re doing. We understand that you rock despite the sexism in the biz, and we salute you for doing so. We are not trying to steal credit from those who play an Ibanez or ESP guitar – we’re just offering something different. Tish was tired of looking to companies run by men to make guitars she would like, so she made her own company. Like you said, when it comes to choosing a guitar, it is a matter of taste. Your example of a country band not using a Dimebag Darrell (rest in peace) Washburn is perfect. It is our opinion and our experience that there are a lot of women (and men) out there who want amazing-sounding, well-built, killer guitars in the colors and styles only Daisy Rock is making.

We really hope you will reconsider your stance on Daisy Rock. We want more women like you to ROCK, and we’re working hard at it every day.

Rock On!