Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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Rosedale, NY


Dear Tish & Michael Ciravolo:

I am the father of two girls ages 10 and 6. Recently my eldest daughter Catherine expressed to me her desire to play the electric guitar. Catherine has a passion for music; she has been playing the clarinet for three years and currently holds the position of number two clarinet in the middle school classical band. Catherine is also a member of the middle school jazz band. Last year, she received a perfect score on her New York State School Music Association for the clarinet. This year do to conflicts in her after school schedule she was forced to stop talking piano lessons, yet when home you will find her at the piano at every available free moment.

After many hours of research looking for the right guitar, I was left with two choices. The Ibanez Jumpstart JS50 Power Pack or the Squire Strat Pack. Since there seemed to be little difference between them, I asked Catherine which one she would prefer. After looking at both, she halfheartedly chose the Squire, in blue. I now felt that I would be purchasing the lesser of two mistakes.

As a parent I fell not only must I support my children’s aspirations, but give them the proper tools so they may achieve them. So I pressed on. This time, typing in “girl’s electric guitar” in Google’s search engine. This search soon brought me to your website. I felt your Stardust Elite model was pleasing to the eye and when I researched reviews on the Stardust Elite, I was sold. When I showed a picture of your guitar to Catherine she became excited and immediately chose the Violet Burst and now she can’t wait for it.

I wish your company good fortune. Your success will help to level the playing field for girls who wish to play the guitar.


Rosedale, NY