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Brady "mojine boy" Mosher



My name is Brady Mosher, and I'm a journeyman guitarist for hire of long standing in the DFW area, making Fort Worth my home for the last six years. I've always been a pretty much behind the scenes chameleon type of player, but I've got an excellent reputation regionally and you could ask Wojo or Andy Timmons about me, or any number of session players and producers on the DFW scene.

I had never given a second thought to a Daisy Rock guitar until yesterday, when I was looking for a backup guitar for my Charlie's "Reo Palm Isle" (Charlie Wirz and Renée Martinez built it for me in 1984/85 - I got it a couple of weeks before Charlie died). It's been beat to death over the years and been through quite a few pickup configurations, but it's always been my favorite to play and gets a great chunky tone with 3 DiMarzio Q100's. It needs to have a fret job and some minor other repairs and I realized that a week without it was gonna leave me short on "beef" so...

I ended up sitting in the Arlington Guitar center vintage room for 5 hours yesterday playing almost every guitar with 2 Humbuckers or 2 P90's and a single volume control near the bridge through the same Matchless Clubman 30 amp. The Rock Candy Special sounded and played better than most everything else I tried and equal to some very nice Gibson Les Paul's and PRS 22's. I'm not a girl - although I occasionally take a bubble bath - but I ended up buying the Rock Candy Special and a Retro-H, and I love them! They will both get a workout on an upcoming project for Annagrey and will get plenty of attention, I'm sure.

I've never inquired about an endorsement before, but if you need a guy that's a serious guitarist to show that these are not just "girl guitars”, give me a holler!


Brady "mojine boy" Mosher