Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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Happy New Year!!

We at Milestone Motorsports want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a joyous New Year. Hopefully every rider will have a safe and successful season.

We are in the process of securing our sponsors for 2010. We are very lucky to have established good relationships with the people who have been behind us, and are thankful for their desire to stay a part of our program. We do have two new sponsors for the season, Function Drinks and Daisy Rock Guitars.

Function drinks is a newer company with many great products. Their drinks were formulated by an Orthopedic surgeon with all natural products. Their motto is "make your drink work for you", which sums up the idea behind their products. Many of the drinks come in several different flavors for each formulation, which are very tasty! Two specifically geared toward action sports include "Alterative Energy" and "Shock Sports". The Alternative Energy formula provides energy without the crash and the Shock Sports formula provides protection against the abuse to the body from action sports. Check out these amazing products at www.functiondrinks.com. Their website describes each drink in detail, including the ingredients and the benefits of each. They even have profiles on Facebook and MySpace!

Our second new sponsor is Daisy Rock Guitars. Daisy guitars are specifically designed for female guitarists and their lineup includes electric, acoustic/electric and bass guitars. They are extremely well crafted with professional components and the body styles and colors are designed to appeal to women and girls. The Debutante collection is scaled down for the smaller musicians without sacrificing quality. Some of Daisy's sponsored musicians include Avril Lavigne, Miley Cirus, Heart and The Bangles. Kailyn and Kennadi have been enjoying their new guitars and will be rocking the trailer at all of our races. The company's website is www.daisyrock.com and is full of artist profiles and merchandise. Like Function Drinks, they are on Facebook and MySpace. Check them out!

Over the last couple of months, we have had two visitors well known within the motocross industry. Aaron Siminoe spent a week with us, traveling all the way to North Carolina from Reno, Nevada. He has been a member of the KTM Junior Motocross team for several years and is an amazing rider with a very promising future. He and his brother, Ty, have many national championships and are always contenders for the podium at our national events. Aaron also spent some time working with Kennadi on her corners and starts. Hopefully the knowledge gained will be invaluable. Shawn Rife, and his mechanic Adam, also came to visit. Both of these guys are awesome. We are looking forward to them spending some time with us as they prepare for Shawn's last year in amateur racing.

As always, thanks to all of you who have been following our progress, and thanks to all of our sponsors. Please help Milestone Motorsports by supporting the companies who support us!

Until next time...Happy 2010!

Milestone Motorsports