Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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Daisy Rock Celebrates 10 years while ROCKING the Sunset Strip for a cause!



Daisy Rock Celebrates 10 years while ROCKING the Sunset Strip for a cause!

by: Denise Vasquez  LA Cultural Events Examiner

On Friday November 19th, 2010 Daisy Rock Guitars celebrated their 10th Anniversary, hosted the Bangles Tribute concert, AND their annual Pretty N Punk Charity event, all in one night!

The event took place at the world famous Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA. It was really nice to see the venue filled with hundreds of people! Fellow artists and musicians, family, friends, fans, industry people, and more turned up, showing their love and support, all night long! The high energy in the room throughout the entire evening was evident, and the line up was ROCKING from start to finish! All of the bands were female fronted, and they were all amazing in their own right! The lineup featured 5 o’clock Shakedown, Janet Robin, sASSafrASS, The Dollyrots and The Bangles! The order of bands was really well organized! BRAVO and thank you to the person who put that together! Each band was complimentary to the next, inviting you on a wonderful journey, leaving you wanting more, while prepping you for what was coming next! Truly a memorable experience for those of us that were there!

Proceeds from the night benefited The Covenant House California and Nikki’s Sixx’s “Running Wild In The Night”

Founder and president of Daisy Rock Guitars, Tish Ciravolo was kind enough to step away from her hectic schedule, to answer some questions about Daisy Rock Guitars & how "Pretty N Punk" came to be:

Take us back 10 years, how & where was the first Daisy Rock Guitar introduced to the public?

Tish: The first guitar... The first samples I had made I took with me to the Rockrgrl Conference in Seattle in November 2000.  I was really anxious to see how the female musicians would react to the guitars. There was a lot of hesitation at first... would they understand the idea, the reason which was very simple to me - get more girls to want to learn how to play a guitar, make it an 'easier' instrument to play, be inspired and all this would equal world domination by girl guitarists and bassists everywhere!  At least, that was what a pink daisy meant to me. The female musicians at the conference got it and being accepted by Courtney Love and having her sign my very first sample Daisy Rock made the transition that much more palatable to the 'riot girls' who had voiced some concern over having a 'girl guitar' being made a demeaning idea.

Who was the first celebrity female guitarist to endorse & play a Daisy Rock Guitar?

Tish: Wanda Jackson.  First artist.  Unbelievable compliment.  Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.. So appreciative... She is like a mother to me:)  

How many female artists do you currently have on your roster?

Tish: On any given day, we have somewhere around 600 artists.

What have been your favorite accomplishments over the last 10 years?

Tish: Withstanding the test of time REALLY is the best accomplishment of them all. I have done anything and everything I had to for girls to have a choice in learning to play guitar.  My personal choice has been to dedicate my time to this cause and my family time has suffered, raising my two girls was put largely on my husband in this test of time. I really try to find a happy balance now between trying and changing the world and doing homework two hours at night :)

What inspired you to do Pretty N Punk?

Tish: Pretty in Punk is all about doing a charity concert and being able to give back and also play live.  We do an amazing amount of charities throughout the year, but this feels like the only time we can get on stage and go 'this is why!  This is why we do what we do!'  I think we've been doing Pretty in Punk since '03.  Every year we just start kicking it around what we want to do, who we want involved and why. It's an open discussion for our team.  I always have supported Breast Cancer since my best friend from high school passed away from that disease. Also, any thing we can do to improve the lives of girls and inspire them to play music.  Those are the top ideas.  Covenant House had come up before and this year it rose to the top of the idea list. Plus, I always want to honor these girl bands that have been the inspiration to start other girls to play.  There are few, and they should be commemorated every day for what they did for female musicians worldwide.  Being able to have The Bangles show up and play is quite an honor as a female musician who played in LA in the 1980's.  To see your heroes give their time and their talent is very humbling.  They didn't just look pretty and play ok.  They trail blazed.  They did something as a band only a handful out of millions have been able to do.  I felt so happy and joyous to see them perform.  This is why we do Pretty In Punk.

To learn more about Daisy Rock Guitars, visit their website http://www.daisyrock.com/