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06/01/2011 CONTEST ALERT!! Submit a photo of yourself next to our display in Guitar Center for your chance to win a Pixie Acoustic/Electric in Pink Sparkle! ~ See Rules attached!!
06/01/2011 Country Stars MJ2 Join the Daisy Rock Artist Roster ~ Press Release
05/31/2011 Momz In The Mix ~ Daisy Rock Guitars & Books and Cookies
05/31/2011 We Know Women Rock ~ Tell Us Something New!
05/26/2011 Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, ~ Honored with Illumination Award by Project MuszEd
05/26/2011 Download 10 free songs! ~ from Warped Tour artists
05/26/2011 Local Teen Girl bands in NYC ~ These New York City bands are urban cool and tween-friendly.
05/24/2011 CASTING 9-10 year old rock guitar girl ~ Los Angeles
05/24/2011 ‎"Women Who Rock" exhibit and opening ~ at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
05/24/2011 Daisy Rock teams up with Roland and Girl Scouts of America ~ Press Release
05/24/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Montana Leigh Wootton to Its Artist Roster ~ Press Release
05/20/2011 Please Welcome Pink Army! ~ Press Release
05/19/2011 New Daisy Rock Guitars Now Available at Guitar Center ~ Press Release
05/18/2011 Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Supports Girl Scouts Rock! ~ Press Release
05/17/2011 Side Order: A music museum that hits all the high notes ~ Washington Post
05/17/2011 Soundcheck Website Featuring Top Female Guitarists ~ Launched by Daisy Rock Girl Guitars and
05/17/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Sensational Folk Artist Lex Land to Its Artist Roster ~ Press Release
05/16/2011 Kristen Capolino: 'Gary Moore Is My Biggest Influence' ~ on Ultimate Guitar's Soundcheck
05/12/2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum's annual It's Only Rock and Roll Spring Benefit Concert on Saturday, May 14!! ~ Featuring Wanda Jackson, Darlene Love, Mavis Staples, Cyndi Lauper
05/12/2011 Wishing our friends at Roland & the Girl Scouts a successful and inspiring “Girl Scouts Rock” camp ~ this Saturday in Chicago!
05/11/2011 ATTN: female artists in or around the NY and Chicago area ~ Do you want to teach at a Girl Scouts event?
05/10/2011 Sparks The Rescue's new album "Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With" ~ AVAILABLE NOW!
05/05/2011 The Original Wild Woman of Rock, Genya Ravan, Joins the Daisy Rock Family! ~ Press Release
05/03/2011 Devon Goocher Joins the Daisy Rock Family! ~ Press Release
05/02/2011 Guitar Player's "Guts and Glitter" ~ on Daisy Rock TV!
05/02/2011 Daisy Rockers, are you a Hello Music member? If so, you can get 52% off the Rock Candy Classic [Diamond Sparkle] TODAY ONLY! ~ If you're not a member, SIGN UP and ROCK OUT with Daisy Rock!
04/28/2011 Check out our new section on called Soundcheck! ~ Where women are heard!
04/28/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Alexandra Rose Rieger to the Family ~ Press Release
04/26/2011 'Poetry Man' Singer Phoebe Snow Dies at 60 ~ RIP Phoebe Snow, you will be missed.
04/26/2011 Daisy Rock Bangles/Vicki Peterson Guitar Scholarship Annnounced!! ~ Musicians Institute
04/26/2011 Poly Styrene, Multiracial Feminist Punk Icon, Dead at 53 ~ RIP Poly Styrene :(
04/22/2011 See our Debutante Star and Debutante Daisy featured in Polite in Public's new commercial! ~ If you haven't had your picture taken in their booth yet, you need to ASAP!
04/21/2011 Want Your Music Heard?! ~ Sign Up For Daisy Rock Records
04/21/2011 Join, MEOW (Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women) ~ on Facebook!
04/20/2011 Daisy Rock Donates Guitar to MusiCares MAP Fund ~
04/20/2011 Arielle: 'I Picked Up The Guitar Because I Have Something To Say' ~ on Ultimate Guitar's Soundcheck
04/18/2011 Check out Daisy Rocker, Jackie Tohn on the Bravo's upcoming show, "Platinum Hit" ~ She's rockin' a Wildwood Artist Deluxe in Pink Sparkle!
04/15/2011 COMING SOON: Daisy Rock Girl Guitar Workshop ~ at the Museum of Making Music featuring artist, Nikki O'Neill!
04/15/2011 ATTN: Guitar and Bass players ~ Ages 18-29
04/15/2011 Daisy Rock Girl Guitars announce the Bangles/Vicki Peterson Guitar Scholarship ~ at Musicians Institute!
04/14/2011 Mary Pure from Sonica Joins the Daisy Rock Family ~ Press Release
04/13/2011 Daisy Rock Donates Guitar to Rock N’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles ~ Press Release
04/12/2011 Alexa San Roman of Love, Robot Joins the Daisy Rock Family! ~ Press Release
04/11/2011 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts perform their hits ~ with Miley Cyrus on Oprah on Wednesday April 13!
04/08/2011 YOU are INVITED to our LA Open Call for "Majors and Minors"! ~ April 10, 2011 11am-6pm @ Los Angeles Convention Center
04/07/2011 The Multitalented Dalea Cherie Joins the Daisy Rock Artist Roster ~
04/07/2011 Arielle Schwartz on the cover of Guts & Glitter w/ other Daisy Rock artists inside!! ~ Guts & Glitter Magazine
04/07/2011 Calling all female musicians, vocalists, female-fronted or all-girl bands! ~ girlsROCK! national tour band&venue search
04/06/2011 Girls Rock Camp Vancouver’s first annual FUNDING DRIVE ~ kickoff party
04/06/2011 Daisy Rock Review ~ Acoustic Magazine (UK)
04/06/2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum featured on American Idol ~ TONIGHT and Thursday, 8 pm EST on Fox
04/05/2011 The Go Go's Ladies Gone Wild Tour ~ VIP Packages Pre-sale Info
04/05/2011 Picking Up Where Blondie Left Off, the Cocktail Slippers Join Daisy Rock! ~
04/05/2011 RIP Kurt Cobain ~ 17 years
04/04/2011 Now Shipping: Daisy Rock’s Rebel Rockit Bass in Atomic Pink Finish ~ Press Release
03/31/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Ann Reed to the Family! ~ Press Release
03/29/2011 Now Shipping: Daisy Rock’s Stardust Elite Rebel Standard Electric Guitar in Cherry Bomb Burst Finish ~ Press Release
03/28/2011 Paramore Auctions off Rainbow Sparkle Wildwood ~ for Japan Relief
03/28/2011 Daisy Rock Adds Farrah Fitzhugh to its Artist Roster ~ Press Release
03/25/2011 Hey, wanna meet your favorite female rocker on Oprah!? ~ Make sure and say Daisy Rock sent you!
03/25/2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees performing at 2011 Spring Benefit Concert ~ including Wanda Jackson to kick off Women Who Rock exhibit!
03/25/2011 You Are Invited to a Special Screening of "The Wrecking Crew" ~ This Weekend at SIR!
03/24/2011 Sabrina Lentini Joins the Daisy Rock Family ~ Press Release
03/24/2011 Girls Rock on With Female Guitars! ~ Great Review on Daisy Rock!
03/22/2011 Check out our interview of Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's!! ~
03/22/2011 Vote for Savvy & Mandy for J14 Magazine's Favorite Band Rising Star Award! ~ Support your fellow Daisy Rockers!
03/17/2011 Daisy Rock Music School -- Learn from the Pros! ~ Girl Guitar Revolution Newsletter - March 2011
03/16/2011 Win a Daisy Rock Wildwood Artist Acoustic/Electric guitar! ~ Contest
03/16/2011 Daisy Rock Supports Keep A Breast Foundation at SXSW in Austin, Texas ~
03/16/2011 Daisy Rock Donates Guitar to Sea Now Showcase at SXSW Showcase by popantipop Supports Sea Shepherd ~
03/15/2011 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Girls Rock Austin Showcase on March 17, 2011 at SXSW ~ Press Release
03/15/2011 Daisy Rock Artists to Play at SXSW 2011 ~ Press Release
03/11/2011 Susan Hyatt of Stimulator Joins the Daisy Rock Artist Roster! ~ Press Release
03/10/2011 Daisy Rock Releases Stardust Elite Classic Electric Guitar in Jett Black ~ Press Release
03/09/2011 Happy Birthday Barbie ~ 52 Years!
03/09/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Pop Starlet Elli Lauren To Its Artist Roster ~
03/08/2011 Check out this interview with Tish ~ on Cut Out + Keep!
03/07/2011 Say Something Nice Today ~ :)
03/07/2011 Hero For a Day ~ May your day, be a Shay Day.
03/03/2011 Tish On the Radio! ~ WXRX's Stone & Double T show in Rockford, Illinois
03/03/2011 Elyse And The Aftermath: The Daisy Rock TV Host On Marketing, Promotion, And SXSW (TuneCorner) ~
03/02/2011 Rock the Tradition Music Compilation Contest ~ Contest
02/25/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Marlana Sheetz of Dawson and Marie to its Artist Roster ~
02/24/2011 Sarah Hockridge of Ophir DriveJoins the Daisy Rock Artist Roster ~
02/23/2011 JewelSteele
02/21/2011 Daisy Rock Introduces the Wildwood Artist Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Royal Blue Burst Finish ~ Press Release
02/18/2011 Our Rock Candy in Silver Sparkle signed by Lady Gaga is now up for auction at eBay! ~ Please help support The Grammy Foundation!
02/17/2011 Daisy Rock Music School Offers Online Video Instruction for Guitar and Bass ~ Press Release
02/16/2011 Daisy Rock Presents the Rebel Rockit Bass ~ Press Release
02/15/2011 Did you know... ~ ... that today is Susan B. Anthony Day?
02/14/2011 Daisy Rock Girl Guitars partners with TuneCore ~ for the launch of Daisy Rock Records
02/14/2011 Daisy Rock Supports Rock to the Future ~ Press Release
02/11/2011 Daisy Rock Supports the GRAMMY’s MusiCares® Foundation ~ Press Release
02/11/2011 Interview with Sean Yseult of White Zombie featured in our new section "Soundcheck - where women are heard" ~ on Ultimate Guitar!
02/10/2011 Sarah Anthony of The Letter Black Becomes a Daisy Rock Artist! ~ Press Release
02/09/2011 Tish Ciravolo on OC Talk Radio TODAY at 12PM PST ~ Radio Interview
02/09/2011 Exclusive: Guitarist JANET ROBIN on RANDY RHOADS, PRECIOUS METAL and the future of Women in Rock ~
02/09/2011 Daisy Rock Proudly Welcomes Nicole Atkins to the Growing Daisy Rock Family! ~
02/08/2011 Making A Difference One Song At A Time ~ Jamey Geston