3/21/18 12:44PM
Go see The Dollyrots this FRIDAY!!!! Hi-Hat/Echo Park Review in the LA Weekly - by Falling James You know the times are a-changin’ when a generally fun and euphoric band like The Dollyrots feel the need to speak up and release a new song called “Get Radical.” Decrying short prison sentences for rapists and the wage gap between women and men, lead singer Kelly Ogden declares, “It’s not a weakness/There’s no reason to be held down.” Even with a more pronounced social conscience, she and guitarist Luis Cabezas still pump up the song with The Dollyrots’ trademark pop hooks and anthemic choruses. Things get kind of corny when Ogden recites the old punk cliché “Do it for the kids!,” but “Get Radical” is an otherwise surging burst of adrenaline. If nothing else, Trump is doing an impressive job of inspiring formerly apolitical pop bands to transform themselves into defiant, Clash-like rebels.
3/16/18 8:29PM
Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson!!!! Heart
3/13/18 2:35PM
I bought my niece the little star guitar(see profile pic), and she loves it. It's a fantastic guitar for the money! But now I'm wanting to make some upgrades to make it as brutal as it is cute. I'm gong to be putting on locking tuners and installing a new pickup. I was also wanting to replace the bridge and add some GraphTech saddles. My question is, will a standard replacement Fender Strat-style bridge drop into this guitar, and if not, what would you recommend? Thanks!

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