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03/19/2007 Daisy Rock Featured in the Providence Journal! ~ Sign up for free to see the article...
03/19/2007 Daisy Rock Sponsors OC Mamapalooza (5/12/07)
03/18/2007 Daisy Rock Sponsors WriteGirl's Silent Auction and Fundraiser (4/22/07)
03/18/2007 Daisy Rock Sponsors The So Cal Music Live Acoustic Competition (4/6/07)
03/17/2007 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Keith School's "Classics and Chrome" Car Show (4/21/07-4/22/07)
03/16/2007 Next week - Daisy Rock on The Price is Right (3/21/07)
03/16/2007 Free Show in Los Angeles! "The Pink Project" Photobook Release Party (3/24/07)
03/16/2007 Check out this great radio interview of Tish Ciravolo with Scott Thompsen on Newstalk 900CHML! ~ MP3 format
03/15/2007 Check out Solvej Schou's Great New Article about Guitars Made for Girls at Yahoo Music News!
03/15/2007 The L.A. Times Runs Solvej Schou's Article About Girls For Guitars!
03/15/2007 The Boston Globe Also Features Solvej Schou's Article About Guitars for Girls!
03/15/2007 Daisy Rock Featured on the Front Page of Today's Daily News!
03/15/2007 Daisy Rock Featured in the Spring Issue of PlayGuitar! Magazine!
03/15/2007 Check out this picture of Daisy Rock's Ron Manus & Tish Ciravolo with Nancy Wilson in The Music Trades
03/14/2007 The San Diego Union Tribune Runs Solvej Schou's Article about Guitars for Girls!
03/14/2007 Guitars for Girls - The News Keeps Spreading!
03/13/2007 Daisy Rock Guitars and Solvej Schou's Article about Guitars for Girls in the San Francisco Chronicle!
03/13/2007 Monet Wins Young Artist Award for "Best Young Guest Star In A Series" (in "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody")
03/12/2007 Solvej Schou's Associated Press Article about Guitars for Girls Featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune
03/12/2007 Congratulations to Mendy Allison, Winner of the Strutter Magazine Guitar Giveaway Contest!
03/11/2007 Join the Fight Against AIDS! Visit & bid on a brand new Daisy Rock or Schecter Guitar
03/06/2007 Daisy Rock Featured in the Current Issue of miPRO Magazine (UK)
03/05/2007 Daisy Rock Featured in the May 2007 Issue of Guitar World
03/04/2007 Daisy Rock's New Rock Candy Custom Bass Featured in the April Issue of Bass Guitar Magazine
03/01/2007 Daisy Rock featured in this month's issue of Zest Magazine (UK)!
02/28/2007 Daisy Rock's Today Show Appearance Announced on the front page of
02/27/2007 Check out Tish Ciravolo's latest column at!
02/22/2007 Daisy Rock's USA-Made Pink Label Guitar featured in this month's issue of The Music Trades
02/21/2007 Daisy Rock's Rainbow Sparkle Rock Candy Guitar featured in this month's Alternative Press
02/20/2007 Check out this amazing interview of Tish Ciravolo by Tom Watson at
02/20/2007 Daisy Rock on The Today Show this morning! ~ Download the "Girls Rock With These Instruments" Netcast (Story 7 of 25)
02/20/2007 Daisy Rock Featured on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Orange County" ~ Check out this pic from Jo\'s Blog!
02/16/2007 Today! - Daisy Rock on "The Price is Right" (2/16/07)
02/16/2007 Win a Daisy Rock Guitar from Go Girl Magazine (U.K.) ~ Check out the February 2007 issue for details...
02/15/2007 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Westfield Junior Woman's Club Charity Event Benefiting NJ SEED (3/17/07)
02/15/2007 Daisy Rock Artist Jay Dee of Johnie 3 Gets Written Up in This Month's MMR Magazine!
02/15/2007 Daisy Rock's American-Made Pink Label Guitar Featured in This Month's MMR!
02/13/2007 Calling all Daisy Rock artists in the O.C. – auditions for a new all-girl band!
02/12/2007 Tonight's the Night - Daisy Rock Artist Tish Meeks (3 Kisses) to Appear on ABC's “Wife Swap” (2/12/07)
02/09/2007 Daisy Rock Donates a Guitar Learning Package for Habilitat Inc.'s 7th Annual Lu`au & Auction (5/6/07)
02/09/2007 Daisy Rock Sponsors the East Anaheim Bobby Sox's Silent Auction & Annual Hit-A-Thon
02/08/2007 Check out Part 1 of's interview of Daisy Rock artist Nikki O'Neill!
02/08/2007 Click here for Part 2 of's interview of Daisy Rock artist Nikki O'Neill!
02/08/2007 Daisy Rock Donates a Girl's Guitar Learning Package for the PACE Team Charity Auction
02/02/2007 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Hockaday School's Annual Fundraiser (3/3/07)
02/02/2007 Daisy Rock's American-Made Pink Label Guitar Featured in This Month's Issue of Music Inc.!
02/01/2007 Daisy Rock's USA-Made Pink Label Guitar Featured in the Jan-Feb 07 Issue of No Cover Magazine
02/01/2007 Daisy Rock featured in the Jan-Feb issue of Reverb Magazine (UK)
02/01/2007 Pick up the new issue of Wonkavision magazine and enter to win some great prizes!
01/31/2007 Daisy Rock's Tish Ciravolo & Ron Manus featured at's Winter NAMM 07 video wrap-up!
01/31/2007 Daisy Rock Sponsors the new Guitars In The Classroom Strum & Sing Program in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
01/29/2007 Thanks to everyone who caught the 7k show with the cast of MTV's "Laguna Beach" at the House of Blues, Anaheim!!!
01/26/2007 Part 1 of's interview with Tish Ciravolo! ~ How Daisy Rock began, hot endorsers & more
01/26/2007 Part 2 of's interview with Tish Ciravolo! ~ Celebrity run-ins & the birth of the USA-made Pink Label
01/26/2007 announces Daisy Rock's new American-made Pink Label guitar!
01/23/2007 Tish Ciravolo and Rich Lackowski pictured in the NAMM photo gallery (during Tish's Today Show interview)
01/23/2007 Daisy Rock's new American-made Pink Label Guitar featured at!
01/22/2007 Stop by to see some great pictures of Daisy Rock's Winter NAMM Booth!
01/21/2007 Check out the new article "How to Get a Girl Started Playing Guitar" at by Toni Perling!
01/21/2007 Daisy Rock's Rainbow Sparkle Wildwood Acoustic / Electric featured in today's UpBeat Daily!
01/20/2007 Daisy Rock's New Rock Candy Finishes, the Jett Black Rebels and Girl's Guitar Method DVD featured in today's UpBeat Daily!
01/19/2007 Daisy Rock's Red Star Rock Candy, Retro-H De-Luxe and Tom Boy Deuce Guitars in today's UpBeat Daily!
01/18/2007 Daisy Rock's USA-Made Pink Label Guitar, Rebel Rockit, Rock Candy Custom Bass, and more in today's NAMM UpBeat Daily!
01/15/2007 Sheyna Gee gets the Nat'l Assoc. for the Advancement of the Arts to recognize Rock as an art form!
01/15/2007 Daisy Rock at NAMM! Booth appearance by Lisa Loeb, artist performances and more...
01/15/2007 Daisy Rock's New Models for 2007 Featured in the Current Issue of Music Inc.!
01/13/2007 Billy F Gibbons
01/13/2007 Dale Pierce
01/13/2007 Frankie Cummins ~ Kansas City
01/09/2007 Alison ~ Whyalla Jenkins, Australia
01/09/2007 Aly
01/09/2007 Amanda ~ Jacksonville, AR
01/09/2007 Amy
01/09/2007 Amy ~ Linden, MI
01/09/2007 Amy ~ Burlington, IA
01/09/2007 Andrea
01/09/2007 Andrew McClung
01/09/2007 Angela ~ Grand Rapids, MI
01/09/2007 Bec
01/09/2007 Beca ~ Oak Hill, OH
01/09/2007 Becky Otte
01/09/2007 Brady "mojine boy" Mosher
01/09/2007 Cassidy ~ Spring Grove, IL
01/09/2007 Cari ~ Frisco, TX
01/09/2007 Carl ~ Rosedale, NY
01/09/2007 Catherine
01/09/2007 Catie ~ Topeka, KS
01/09/2007 Celeste ~ pittsburg, CA
01/09/2007 Charlotte ~ Randolph, NJ
01/09/2007 Chrissy
01/09/2007 Conlee ~ Castleton, NY
01/09/2007 Daisy ~ Mendoat Hts, MN
01/09/2007 Debra ~ Gig Harbor, WA
01/09/2007 Debbi
01/09/2007 DeWayne & Kelley ~ San Antonio, TX
01/09/2007 Eddie ~ Savannah, GA
01/09/2007 Gus
01/09/2007 Hannah ~ Baltimore, MD
01/09/2007 Janina Ohlson ~ Örebro - Sweden.
01/09/2007 Kevin