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Students! Check Out The Daisy Rock Bangles / Vicki Peterson Guitar Scholarship!


The Daisy Rock Bangles / Vicki Peterson Guitar Scholarship, sponsored by The Daisy Rock Girl Guitar Company to support the educational growth of a newly enrolling female student; will be awarded in Fall 2013 to a female student enrolling in the Associate of Arts in Performance (Guitar) program (US or non-US citizen) who demonstrates outstanding musicianship, band performance skills and originality in the Rock / Pop genre.

The scholarship is applicable for students enrolled in the Guitar performance program only, and may not be transferred to “non-performance program” emphases (Audio Engineering, Music Business, Independent Artist, Guitar Craft, or Film) within an AA degree.

To be considered for the Daisy Rock Bangles / Vicki Peterson Guitar Scholarship, you must take the following steps:

  • Complete the Daisy Rock Bangles/Vicki Peterson Guitar Scholarship application.
  • Submit a video recording (DVD format only) of you performing three (3) diverse songs on your guitar (electric and/or acoustic) within the Rock/Pop genre. It is recommended that this include two (2) live ensemble (band or duo) performances, and one (1) solo piece.