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Singer/Guitarist Kelly Buchanan Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars


Daisy Rock Guitars is pleased to announce that singer/guitarist Kelly Buchanan has signed up as one of our newest artist endorsers.

“Kelly Buchanan’s voice is the bulldozer rampaging down the center aisle of the health food store,” writes Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield. “It’s simple: get out of the way or get run over.” A product of the Boston rock scene, now living in New York, Kelly Buchanan has been described as “…a more energetic PJ Harvey…” and “…Ani DiFranco packing heat.”

Kelly debuted in 1999 with her solo acoustic record A Bipolar World. While studying at Penn State University and the Berklee College of Music, as well as traveling and performing throughout the world, Kelly recorded and released her full-band record, Match, in 2002. With the release of Bastard Daughter in 2005, Kelly Buchanan has refined the sound she developed on Match, and in support of Bastard Daughter, Kelly has built a team that includes Redeye Distribution, college radio promoters The Planetary Group, and publicity from Little Big Man.

Touring on her own and supporting artists like Martha Wainwright and former Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty, Kelly has gained a strong fan following who she credits for financing the making of Bastard Daughter. In exchange for items like CDs of demos, autographed advance copies of the finished record, and liner note thank-yous, fans donated to the making of the album from before the start of recording all the way through mixing, mastering and manufacturing.

“Kelly Buchanan is just what we need: A homegrown singer-songwriter of the hell-hath-no-fury-like-a-woman-scorned school…. Be careful not to get too close, though—these lyrics could rip you to shreds.”
The Boston Globe

“A sonic collage of rage, anger, empathy, regret, love, lust and resignation… Brilliantly infectious slabs of rock-pop tune-smithery… Kelly Buchanan’s voice is stunning.”

“Kelly Buchanan has more raw power in one acoustic downstrum than most bands have in their entire arsenal.”
Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

“Another true riot girl… Buchanan may be the Ani DiFranco for everybody.”

“This is Buchanan’s third album; let’s hope it is the one that puts her on the musical map. Rating: A-”
Bruce Pilato, Gannett News Wire

For more information about Kelly Buchanan, stop by her web site at www.kellybuchanan.com.