Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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Peace, Love & Music goes beyond the Scholarship!

How Daisy Rock Inspired This Young Girl


I run a non profit 501(c)(3) corporation in Jupiter, Florida. We enrich lives through music education specifically to at risk youth and families with financial, physical or mental challenges. One of our prime activities is one year scholarships of private music lessons.

We have a young teenage girl that was the recipient of a scholarship. She wanted to play electric guitar. We indicated that we would purchase one for her as part of the scholarship, but she was quick to inform us that she had saved her money for a long time to purchase a used Daisy Rock Custom Dark Star. When she showed up for her first lesson, the guitar was in pretty bad shape. There was a nut missing, the strings were rusted and she was carrying the instrument around in a white Hefty trash bag. Normally, with an instrument needing such repair, we would simply replace it; however, this girl absolutely wanted to use HER Daisy Rock guitar. She was inspired by the brand and was empowered when she purchased the Dark Star. I knew she had to use this guitar.

We worked with a local guitar shop that fixed the guitar free of charge and even threw in a case so she could protect it.

I can not convey to you how important I feel learning music can be for kids. It's not even about learning the instrument, it's everything else - building confidence, achieving something, seeing the results of hard work, finding mentors, being inspired, being part of community, finding an outlet and so much more. After learning more about Daisy Rock and Tish Ciravolo's story I felt I had to say thanks to Daisy Rock for inspiring and empowering this young girl (whose life is already on a path for the better) and share this inspiring story with you.

Thank you for all you do for girls, especially one in particular.


Kristina Maloney
Peace, Love & Music