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Melissa Brock of Superchick Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars


Daisy Rock Guitars is pleased to announce that vocalist and guitarist Melissa Brock of the band Superchick has signed up as a new Daisy Rock artist endorser.

Superchick, a five-piece Chicago-based band featuring vocalist Tricia Brock, vocalist/guitarist Melissa Brock, bassist/vocalist Matt Dally, lead guitarist Dave Ghazarian, drummer Brandon Estelle, and keyboardist/DJ/producer Max Hsu, describe themselves as “Blink182 meets Black Eyed Peas fronted by a Chick.” The band has been steadily gaining national attention, touring nationally and receiving radio airplay for several of their singles from their three previous releases Karaoke Superstar, Last One Picked, and the remix disc Regeneration. They have also received critical acclaim from the press, with write-ups in The New York Times, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Bop, and ReMix magazines.

Their latest CD, Beauty From Pain, is a diverse blend of styles and subject matter. The band calls it “…a unique combination of punk-rock riffs, hip-hop beats, and R/B melodies intertwined with solid songwriting.” In support of the record, the band has booked a national tour, with dates scheduled until the Spring of 2007. The band has also just signed a major label recording contract with Columbia/Sony Records.

For more information about Superchick, visit www.superchickonline.com.