Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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 Receive ten 50-minute guitar lessons from Nikki O'Neill along with a signed copy of Women’s Road To Rock Guitar. In addition, you will have the opportunity to select a Daisy Rock Girl guitar from the showroom floor and meet Daisy Rock President & Founder, Tish Ciravolo, in Los Angeles!

Daisy Rock’s mission statement — from founder Tish Ciravolo:  "As a longtime musician my experience has been that a guitar for girls is long overdue. Standard guitars are often too big and bulky for the young female form. When I first started playing bass as a teenager, the instrument felt like a bat in my female-sized hands. At times, I wanted to quit because I felt like maybe the instrument just wasn't for me, or that I wasn't good enough to play it. I've encountered so many female musicians who have experienced the same set of feelings and I truly believe this is why we have a lack of female guitar-playing musicians in popular music."

Nikki O’Neill is a Los Angeles-based performing/recording artist, guitar player and singer-songwriter who has co-written songs with reggae icons Sly & Robbie (including the song Higher Levels). Her guitar video lessons have been viewed over 1,000,000 times on YouTube. 

Nikki is also the author of Women’s Road to Rock Guitar---an instruction book that prepares guitarists for playing rhythm and lead guitar in rock bands, writing songs, using gear and dialing in their sound. 

In addition to being an artist/songwriter, she has interviewed many top guitarists like Steve Vai and Zakk Wylde for musician magazines in Europe, and is a contributing writer to the ebook series Songwriting: Get Your Black Belt in Music & Lyrics. 

Nikki has enjoyed many opportunities to coach and inspire other female guitarists. She has been an international guest clinician at ELLA, an all-female rock music college in Sweden. She also created and taught the university-level class “Women’s Contemporary Rock Guitar” at The New School in Manhattan in New York City. 

Nikki endorses Daisy Rock Guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups.

Women's Road to Rock Guitar is geared toward adult/teen rock guitarists who either want to join a band or already play in bands and want to expand their skills in rhythm/lead guitar, write songs, learn about gear, and dial in their sound. It includes a CD so that you can hear all the exercises (which are in tab and notation), and play along to jam tracks in different rock styles. Special bonus: Nikki interviewed guitarists Jennifer Batten, Kat Dyson, Sue Foley, Lita Ford, Kaki King, Ann Klein, Bibi McGill, Orianthi, Vicki Peterson, Ana Popovic, and Nancy Wilson, who share great advice and tips in the book.

 Some of the things you'll learn in Women's Road to Rock Guitar:

  • Rhythm guitar for different rock styles from Albert King to T. Rex to The Donnas to Black Sabbath to PJ Harvey to Jimi Hendrix to Metallica to Funkadelic to King's of Leon, and many more...
  • Lead guitar: ways to play solos all over the neck; useful fretboard knowledge; great licks for inspiration
  • Common rock song structures
  • How to figure out songs by ear
  • How to write a song chart for your band members; rehearsing/practicing tips
  • Basics on amps, effects pedals, and guitar pickups
  • Basics on tapping, pinched harmonics and the whammy bar, etc., and how to use it in your playing

 Donated By: Nikki O’Neill and Daisy Rock Guitars

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