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Daisy Rock's Lisa Caliva Writes About Her New Rock Candy Bass!


Nashville-based bassist Lisa Cavila recently wrote about her experience with her new Rock Candy Bass on her website. Here’s what she had to say:

"Pretty recently, I secured an endorsement with Daisy Rock Girl Guitars.  Well, my instrument arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier!

I received the Rock Candy Bass.  This bass has a lighter body, a thinner neck, and a tone that kills! The bass comes standard with EMG select pickups (killer), active EQ, master volume, 12 DB Bass cut/boost, 12 DB treble cut/boost,  and a pickup blender pot for a really cool sonic sound.  I really love the soft maple neck and the beautiful rosewood fingerboard with star inlays. However, my favorite part about this instrument is all the sparkles! I got my instrument in “Platinum Sparkle” and it looks KILLER! There is so much glitter and it’s freaking awesome. Definitely an attention grabber.

I’ve been playing this instrument all afternoon, just playing with the tone, and I can successfully say that it is an amazing instrument.  There is such a huge variety of tones that you can get with this instrument that could be good in any genre of music.  Plus, the glitter and sparkles are also good in any scenario. The EMG pickups give the bass a really nice warm tone.  The pickups are active, which means they are hotter than passive pickups, but because they are EMG select pickups, you can pull and pick your strings as hard as you want and they don’t make any unsatisfactory noises. The tone of this instrument is just awesome.

I love my Daisy Rock.  It has a rockin’ tone, it’s easier to play with the slimmer neck, and it’s easier to rock out with a lighter instrument.  I recommend Daisy Rock to any girl OR BOY who has smaller hands or may need a lighter instrument.  These instruments are killer!"

Check out Lisa’s Facebook page and her website!