Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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Daisy Rock Helps Educate Thousands of Kids at Summer Music Camps throughout North America


Daisy Rock Guitars, as part of our ongoing mission to provide females of all ages with whatever it takes to learn to play guitar and enjoy music, is proud to sponsor a number of summer music camps throughout the United States and Canada. From providing educational books and materials to giving away guitars for students to use, Daisy Rock has taken an active role in making it possible for young women to learn how to play and perform music.

DayJams, a Rock Music Day Camp for beginners and experienced players (ages 9-15), gives kids the opportunity to join a rock band, write an original song and perform it live, record a CD, design a poster, T-shirt and CD cover, and make a music video during their week-long program. In 2005, Daisy Rock sponsored nine DayJams campuses (located in California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Minnesota, and Massachusetts), providing a Daisy Rock guitar for each campus to raffle off at the end of the week.

Rock ’N’ Roll Camp for Girls, located in Portland, Oregon, is a week-long music day camp for girls aged 8-18. Empowering women is a major goal for this summer camp, which provides classes in songwriting & arranging, live sound, how to book shows, and band art/merchandise & promotion, as well as courses in magazine writing & publishing, working as a roadie, and self-defense. Past volunteer instructors include Sleater-Kinney, the Haggard, Mirah, and Team Dresch. For the last five years, Daisy Rock Guitars has participated as a sponsor, providing guitars for the students to use during class as well as merchandise giveaways.

Rocker Girl Camp, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a week-long day camp for young women aged 10-16. The camp’s philosophy is that ”…women need to foster strong independence when considering entering an industry (ROCK!) that is predominately male.“ In addition to providing quality instruction, Rocker Girl Camp strives to support local professional musicians, providing them the opportunity to share their knowledge and teach others. Daisy Rock has sponsored Rocker Girl Camp by providing guitars for the girls who don’t have their own instruments to use during camp.

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