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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Welcomes Savannah Sanchez to its Artist Roster


 Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, the original girl guitar company, welcomes to its artist roster Savannah Sanchez.

Savannah Sanchez, a singer-songwriter and bassist based out of Los Angeles, began her music career at her church youth group. Raised in a musical family, Sanchez draws inspiration from her father, who allowed her to explore vast genres of music and study musicians who have the ability to use their instruments freely. In 2010, her vocal coach Cathy Spurr provided her the opportunity to record for an album called Gospel Light. She studied bass under Fernando Jones with the Blue Kids of America out of Columbia College in Chicago, and continues to perform with various solo artists.

Recently, Sanchez has immersed herself in songwriting, and calls it an "enjoyable challenge." Songwriting, to Sanchez, is about capturing the musical essence that inspires her, and finds it is hard work, but worth it in the end to be able to perform something new that no one else has ever heard before. 

“Wow, Savannah is the real deal! There is a reason that only a woman can play a bass, know the groove, feel the pocket, and work this thing that is wood into an emotional extension of one’s soul. That is what Savannah does,” says Tish Ciravolo, Founder and President of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars.

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