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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Welcomes Lani Ford to its Artist Roster

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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Welcomes Lani Ford to its Artist Roster

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 17, 2013
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, the original girl guitar company, welcomes to its artist roster Lani Ford, a singer, instrumentalist, and six-time ASCAP award-winner.

Lani was born in Texas and grew up listening to music legends like Willie Nelson, Waylon and Dolly, Judy Garland, Irving Berlin, The Beatles, and The Eagles. A self-taught musician, she learned the bass guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. As an adult, Lani moved to New York City to pursue an acting career but soon found herself drawn to musical pursuits influenced by the machine-gun guitar sounds of rockers like AC/DC, Joan Jett, and Van Halen. It was in the hard rock scene that she first found success fronting the popular band STARK, a favorite of music critics among a sea of male-dominated hard rock bands. She ran full steam ahead with an eventful eight years of recording and touring the United States and Europe with STARK, garnering some success with the most attention given to her lyrics. This prompted her to form the renegade acoustic project Tania & The Revolutionaries which she took on the road around the United States and twice to Nicaragua.

Lani is now returning to her roots in the Nashville songwriter scene, blending her country music influences with her former hard rock lifestyle. “I write songs about the true lives of lost souls, hell-raisers, outlaws, and rabble-rousers,” she says. Her musical goals and endeavors include writing more songs with her brand of truth, continue to perform and produce, and to inspire others. When not performing or writing, Lani enjoys movies, reading, surfing, traveling, and spending time with her friends and her dog. She gives back by devoting time to the organization Book Pals, which includes reading to children in public schools. She also actively supports organizations such as MusiCares, RAINN, Wounded Warrior Project, National Geographic, and PBS.

“You can’t be Lani if your don’t have her life experience, if you haven’t watched the world turn and your life hasn’t been a box of chocolates because Lani’s gift to this world is this – she brings life to words and she brings life to music.  Be humbled, we are,”  says Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars.

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