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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Welcomes Carrie Clark to its Artist Roster

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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Welcomes Carrie Clark to its Artist Roster

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 15, 2013
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, the original girl guitar company, welcomes to its artist roster Carrie Clark, the lead singer and guitarist for the psychedelic noise-pop band Sixteen Deluxe.

Sixteen Deluxe was formed in 1994 in Austin, Texas. After playing live shows at local clubs and quickly generating buzz, the group was hailed as the loudest and most exciting band in the Austin scene within a year. Best known for their energetic performances and lysergic studio creations, they continued to play notable gigs in the Austin area, which caught the attention of Butthole Surfer King Coffey's Trance Syndicate label. After releasing their first EP titled Backfeed Magnetbabe, Sixteen Deluxe continued with growing success throughout the 1990s, garnering rave reviews and a hit on MTV's 120 Minutes.

The band split in 2000, but began a series of gigs in the spring of 2010, bringing their songs and stage show right back to where they started. They officially announced their reunion that same year to coincide with the South by Southwest music festival.

“I love my Daisy Rock ‘Rock Candy Classic!’ It’s been a solid, never-go-out-of-tune, instigator of melodic squall,” said Carrie. “It's been my trusty sidekick in Sixteen Deluxe, and in projects about town in Austin, TX for the last two years.”

“Carrie – oh my gosh – they’re back! Sixteen Deluxe is the coolest driving, female, feedback melodic ‘90s sounding thing since 120 Minutes and I just want to wear a star in my hair, just like Carrie does, and I want to sound just like Carrie does, and…okay, I’ll stop now!” says Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars.

Help us welcome Carrie, and re-welcome Sixteen Deluxe by checking out their website and liking them on Facebook!