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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Welcomes Carla Betz to its Artist Roster

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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Welcomes Carla Betz to its Artist Roster

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 17, 2012
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, the original girl guitar company, welcomes to its artist roster Carla Betz, the rockin’ bass player and backup singer to the uber-energetic punk-pop band The Trainwrecks.

Carla pops off animated performances which are skilled as well as fun to watch. She knows how to hold down the bottom end yet can interject inventive fills when a song calls for it. And when she’s on the mic, her backing vocals add even more to the already catchy melody lines.

The Trainwrecks were formed in Hollywood, CA when vocalist/guitarist Garner Knutson joined up with bassist Carla Betz. Garner and Carla both knew their musical collaboration was going to be a smash when they discovered their mutual love for bands like Green Day, Dinosaur Jr., The Replacements and vintage Kiss. After looking around for awhile they found the missing piece to their musical triangle in drummer Dustin Cunningham. Songwriting in this group is an unmistakable strength. The witty lyrics are outshone only by radio-ready melody lines that stick with you. With a loyal fan base always growing, this is a band in motion and certainly a band to watch.

“You need a girl to shine in the pocket, hold down the groove and look hot all at the same time? And play killer Bass! That girl is Carla,” says Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars.

Check out Carla Betz and her band on their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!