Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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Daisy Rock donates Daisy Acoustic for Gilmour Academy silent auction to benefit children of the school.


Gilmour Academy is a private school in Gates Mills, Ohio. The Gilmour Academy Lower School’s largest and most well attended event of the year is a grand holiday luncheon on December 7, 2002 with all proceeds directly benefiting their children and school. The day is full of family fun and activities. Through this event, the Parent Organization is hopeful to raise funds for many improvements to the school, including a new building addition and renovation to their gymnasium (where they host musical concerts in addition to athletics). Within the event’s festivities is a silent auction that not only generates excitement for both the children and the parents, but also generates tremendous support for their cause. Being that their goal is immense, They were trying to think of ways to make the silent auction even more exciting and enticing. Music is a very important part of our school’s curriculum. Having Daisy Rock Guitar as part of their fundraiser would not only be exciting, but would fit with Daisy Rock\'s vision and mission of introducing girls to the guitar world. Being that the school is pre-school through sixth grade, their musical foundations are being formulated now and they are discovering who they want to be musically and instrumentally. While the youngest students of the school are still within the fundamentals of music, the older students participate in instrumental instruction and have the opportunity to pick their instrument of choice, including guitar. The importance of music in our school fit perfectly with the inspiration of Daisy Rock Guitars.