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Daisy Rock artists Superchick's new video for "We Live" available for download at MTV.com and Yahoo Premieres!


Daisy Rock is pleased to announce that Daisy Rock artists Superchick\'s new video for "We Live" is being featured on both MTV.com and Yahoo Premieres! Be sure to stop by one of these web sites and watch the video for this great new song. Can you see singer/guitarist Melissa Brock playing her Rock Candy Custom Special Guitar?

To watch the video at Yahoo Premieres, stop by music.yahoo.com/premieres.

To see the video at MTV.com, stop by www.mtv.com/music/artist/superchick/artist.jhtml../music/artist/superchick/artist.jhtml.

And if you\'re a Superchick fan, please be sure to contact MTV via email or phone and let them know that they NEED to add "We Live" to their playlist!