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Daisy of The Pristines Endorses Daisy Rock Guitars


Daisy Rock Guitars is pleased to announce that Daisy, guitarist and vocalist for the band The Pristines, has signed up as one of our newest artist endorsers.

The Pristines is a two-piece L.A.-based rock band formed by sisters Daisy (lead vocals and guitar) and Jamie (drums and back-up vocals). In spite of the band’s name, their distorted ‘70s garage sound defies what we deem to be pristine or lady-like. It’s almost as if the guitar was meant to be edgy and dirty while being played by the girl next door.

The Pristines describe their music as “simplicity at its finest,” reeling audiences in as they bob their heads and tap their feet to the music. While bubble-gum lyrics like "I like boys and I like girls, I like dykes and homosexuals," from “Gay People Are Cool,” off the band’s first demo, are meant to play with people’s conceptions of young same-sex interests, other songs like “Over” deal with the innocence and hurt of young love. The band’s high-energy live performances are nostalgic of the early ‘90s Washington-based punk sounds of bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile.

The Pristines are currently performing at venues throughout Southern California. The band is also scheduled to begin recording their next release in the early summer of 2006.