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Corday's "Weekiend Warrior" CD Release Party & Concert :: April 21, 2012 at the Shark Club, Costa Mesa ~ Press Release


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For Immediate Release                                               Jennifer Corday 562-990-9907





“We’ll tear the rug and swing around, from all the chandeliers, cause we’re princesses and we’re warriors, and if you know how that feels…”  -Weekend Warrior, by Corday


Welcome to Corday’s Weekend War!  This will be one big party at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa.  Celebrating the release of her new full-length album, Corday has planned a party that will attract music lovers from Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Diego. 


Corday and crew will hit the gorgeous Shark Club Main Stage putting on a two-hour non-stop show of Corday’s original material, including new songs for the record, and fan favs from her previous releases.  Songs like “Vroom Vroom Vroom” will entertain you, with racing engines and rock guitars, while songs like “Fish Out Of Water” will reel you in and leave you breathless and stunned.  “Coming Undone,” from the movie Elena Undone, will finally be officially released by Corday on this record, and has received rave reviews from fans around the world.  The album also includes Corday’s song “My Evil Twin,” as heard in Jane Clark’s new film Meth Head, and “I’m Coming Out” as heard in Village Films documentary, Jan’s Coming Out. Corday will do her first live performance of “Wonder Woman,” a song she dedicates to her mother, after losing her to cancer.  “I have never performed the song live before.  It’s really emotional… but I feel like I can finally do it now.. and it’s important to be vulnerable as an artist, that’s when songs are most powerful.”  Corday is also planning a glow-in the dark performance of her song “On The Moon,” using black lights and glow-in-the-dark guitar strings from DR, thanks to state-of-the-art lighting. Video screens back the band, tapestries drape from the high ceilings, and VIP booths surround the stage.  After the show, VIP couches will be removed to clear the way for one big dance party!


Plans are in the works to get video crew to shoot footage of the band and the crowd for inclusion on Corday’s new Weekend Warrior music video.  “The song is about that excitement we all get on Fridays, when that buzzer rings and you know you’re free for the weekend!,” explains Corday.  “We need footage of a big crowd having fun on a dance floor so this will be the perfect opportunity to shoot.” 


Fans will enjoy a killer concert and the chance to win great prizes including Daisy Rock Gear, sponsors by Daisy Rock, and 2 passes to Dinah Shore Weekend in Las Vegas, sponsored by Girl Bar.  There will also be a silent auction for a few cool prizes including Corday’s autographed Underwater Guitar (the guitar she used in the photo on the CD).  DJ Mannisto spins dance music after the live show in the lush Red Room, with adjacent outdoor patio and firepit.  Inferno Hot Flashes Dance Parties have joined forces with Corday and moved their monthly Inferno dance party to the Shark Club to support Corday.  Great Latin-Asian fusion food will be catered by Dos Chinos, voted one of Top 10 by OC Weekly.


Corday wrote all the songs on the record, including three songs she co-wrote with her musician friends.  “It’s always great to collaborate.” Says Corday, who wrote Weekend Warrior with producer Matt Thorne, who also played guitar and bass on the track.  “We wrote that song in like five minutes,” she laughs.  “It just came to us.  It was crazy.” Other songs took more time to craft, including “My Evil Twin” which Corday wrote with singer songwriter Kelly Fitzgerald.  “We had entirely different chords for that initially, and then one day I came up with that guitar rif that sounded so evil I thought, hey that’s it, that’s perfect for My Evil Twin!  People love that song.  I think everyone can relate, because we all have an evil twin inside.”  Broken Hearted also took time to evolve.  “I knew I loved the concept of the song, but I didn’t know where to take it.  When bassist Benj Clarke came up with that bridge section and the modulation to the major key, it took on a whole new life. I think it’s brilliant.”  Corday played cello on the bridge section of Broken Hearted, as well as on I Had It All Wrong and Died In Your Arms.  “Cello was the first instrument I learned, in the 4th grade.  I don’t play very often but I still love the sound and have recorded cello parts on all of my albums.”  Corday engineered and recorded all vocals, guitars, bass, cello and horns at her home studio in Long Beach, while Matt Thorne recorded all drums, plus some additional guitars and bass at MT Studios in Burbank.  “I tried to do as much as I could in my home studio to save money.  “Studio time can get expensive, especially when you want to take the time to be creative.”  Corday finished all the songs at MT Studios, where Matt Thorne mixed.  “He is awesome.  Mixing is where it all happens.  And it’s more than mixing.  It’s all that extra magic, effects and EQ.  He’s a genius.”  Corday Mastered the final product at Capital Records in Los Angeles with Evren Goknar, which is packaged in Eco-Wallets featuring photography of Jeanine Hill, John Norling, and graphic designer Ed Spyra.  Even though she saved a lot of money recording at home, Corday is still tapped out financially.  “It’s tough to do it on your own,” she admits.  Without the financial backing of a major label, I have to pay for everything, from start to finish.  The musicians, the studio time, the graphic design, the mixing and mastering and replication.  It’s all on my credit card.  So there’s a lot on the line!” And this was still after pulling in a few favors from friends and sponsors.  “I appreciate all of the sponsors so much for helping me make this concert a reality.  I couldn’t have done it without them.”


Corday will be taking the stage with a great band featuring Rosie Aldrete on lead guitar, Desha Dunnahoe on bass, Keith Larsen on drums, and Krysta Carson on BG vocals and tambourine.  Rosie played on almost the entire album, and is an amazing live player with a rapid following in OC.  Bassist Desha is one of Corday’s Classic Rock Cougars, a great bassist and keyboardist who plays with Corday regularly, and drummer Keith Larsen is another Long Beach local who has been performing with Corday for the past two years.  Vocalist and percussionist Krysta Carson is a long-time friend of Corday’s and an awesome harmony singer and tambourinist with great stage presence.  (So it will be al all-girl band of “cougars” and their favorite “cub” Keith on drums!)


Doors open at 7pm for the show, and everyone enters through the red carpet entrance and gets photographed.  “I want everyone to feel special,” says Corday.  “I want to thank everyone for coming and supporting me and the band and original music.  It’s going to be  an awesome night!”


In order to get fans to the show, Envy Records will be offering fans a ride on the Party Bus, sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink.  $30 bucks includes your round trip ride, free booze on board, free goody bag, and admission to the show.  Call now to reserve your set on the bus, with pickup locations in all the aforementioned cities.


Pre-Sale Tickets Available Now at www.corday.net

$7 each, 2 for $10, VIP table (seats 4-6) for $100, VIP booth (seats 4-6) for $200 (includes first drink and free CD)


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Rockstar Energy Drink, Daisy Rock, Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend, LN Magazine, Blade Magazine, SheWired, Jeanine Hill Photography, PR Imaging, OPink Diamond, Ask Productions, Inferno Hot Flash Productions, Jana of Peace & Thank You Productions, Michelle Mannisto at KW Coastal Properties, and Christal Dunn at Guild Mortgage.




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CORDAY WILL WIN YOU OVER WITH HER CHARM, HER WIT, AND HER IRRESISTABLE CHARISMA ON AND OFF THE STAGE! She is a front-woman and an entertainer with an incredible personality that captivates listeners of all ages.  Corday has just released a new full-length studio album, Weekend Warrior, on her own label Envy Records, available soon on iTunes worldwide.  The record captures Corday's rock n roll spirit with anthems like Vroom Vroom Vroom, The More You're Into Me The Less I'm Into You and the contagious title track party anthem, Weekend Warrior.  The album also includes passionate relationship songs I Had It All Wrong, Fish Out Of Water, Lemon Seed, and Broken Hearted, showcasing Corday's talent as a songwriter and her ability to sing from the heart.

She is an accomplished guitarist, bassist, and cellist, as well as a passionate vocalist and skilled songwriter. Corday has released several critically acclaimed CDs prior to WW, including Superhero, Driven, and Welcome To My Past.  Meanwhile she works as s full-time musician, performing live on the local circuit and traveling throughout the U.S. for special events, casinos, and festivals. She also performs regularly as a solo or duo act, and can adapt to any live situation. Lately Corday is most often backed by her brilliant all-girl band featuring lead guitarist Rosie Aldrete, bassist Desha Dunnahoe, drummers Paloma Estevez and Jazz Guerera, and backup singer Krysta Carson.  The girls have incredible chemistry on stage and a fantastic live show.  Corday also performs with drummers Jorgen Ingmar, Keith Larsen, Amy Blaze, bassists Benj Clarke and Robert Conrad, and lead guitarist Damien Smith, all amazing musicians! Whatever the line-up, it's a pro show with top-notch players!

Corday has a large and loyal following in Los Angeles and Orange County and is also nationally known by all fans of women who rock, having toured and performed at numerous notable venues and huge festivals and events including Dinah Shore in Palm Springs, Womenfest in Key West, L.A. Womenfest at the John Ford Amphitheatre (currently airing on LOGO), Women’s Week in Provincetown, Chicks Rock Music Festival in Cincinnati, and most recently, the Sweet Cruise to the Caribbean! She has opened for Cher, Joan Jett, Sugar Ray, The Dave Matthews Band, Pat Benatar, Joan Osborne, The B-52's, Macy Gray, The Indigo Girls, Meredith Brooks, Cyndi Lauper, Berlin, Jonatha Brooke, Sophie B. Hawkins, Chaka Khan, Sheena Easton, Taylor Dayne, Melissa Ferrick, Catie Curtis, and many more. Her music can be heard regularly in film and TV, and can also be heard playing in the background of numerous MTV shows including Made, Making Of The Band, and My Sweet Sixteen, while her ring tones are available for download through Verizon and Samsung. Corday produced and scored music to Andrea Meyerson’s Laughing Matters More, released by All Out Films, featuring nationally known comics Vickie Shaw, Sabrina Matthews, Rene Kicks, and Elvira Kurt.

As the first ever three-time winner of Best Live Band, Best Alternative Band, and Best Live Female Performer at the Orange County Music Awards, Corday is clearly making everyone sit up and take notice! Corday’s numerous awards, which include nominations for Outstanding New Recording at the Outmusic Awards, Best Song (“I Rule The World” as heard on Driven) and Best Acoustic Group at the OCMAs, Best Pop Rock Band at the Southern California Music Awards, Outstanding Orange County Artist at the L.A. Music Awards, and Video of The Year (“Pie” as heard on Welcome To My Past) at both the LA Music Awards and the GLAMA Awards, are a testimony to her talent.

Her latest CD, Superhero: Wonder Woman Edition, includes the ten beautifully crafted previously released hit songs from her album Superhero, as well as three brand new bonus tracks. The Superhero Solar City Remixes, produced by Scott Anderson, will dare you to dance and are being distributed to DJs across the nation (DJ’s: Contact Envy Records for your copy!), while “Wonder Woman” mixed by Matt Thorne (The Eels, Trapt, Warrant, Orgy) is a heartfelt tribute to her mother, Judy, whom she lost three years ago to breast cancer. Corday wrote, recorded, and produced the original ten songs in her home studio before delivering the final tracks to mix-master Gavin MacKillop (Goo Goo Dolls, Sarah McLachlan, Melissa Ferrick, Toad the Wet Sprocket). The title track “Superhero” is featured in the new indie film starring Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono, And Then Came Lola, playing at film festivals around the world. The film also includes Corday’s songs “Losing Control” from her album Welcome To My Past and the title track of her 3rd release, Driven. The Superhero music video airs on MTV’s LOGO, was named one of the Top 15 in the Star Radio 98.7 Rockstar Competition and has won numerous other awards at indie film fests across the nation. The original Superhero CD is packaged in a very impressive double disc Digipack which includes a CD and DVD including the award-winning music video, slide shows, and special behind the scenes footage in The Making of the Video, and the Making Of The CD.

In her spare time, Corday produces "Girl Rock," a monthly video vlog she produces, shoots, and edits for posting on SheWired.com. The vlog features live music from some of the best female musicians in the nation, candid interviews with Corday, and reality-style, behind-the-scenes footage. She also writes for Curve Magazine gaining loyal fans across the nation. Her parody of Redneck Woman is hugely popular across the nation, and a raunchy good time!

Her hit song “Pie” from Welcome To My Past (produced and mixed by Matt Walin at Bitemark Productions) has been described by critics as "a radio's dream," and was included on the MTV Undressed CD soundtrack and is featured in several independent films. Corday also performs at middle schools and high schools everywhere presenting powerful anti-drug concerts with the full band. She has sold and donated thousands of copies of her CD Kick Ash, a collection of nineteen tracks with a positive message for kids. She has toured overseas to perform for the troops in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia, and is always proud to make a difference with her music.

Corday is currently sponsored by Daisy Rock Guitars, Levy's Leathers, SKB Cases, Dunlop, D'Addario, Audio Technica, and Line 6. Check out the website at www.corday.net for live pictures, blogs, videos, free MP3 downloads, and more!