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CASTING 9-10 year old rock guitar girl

Los Angeles


 Hi Daisy Rockers!

I am casting a couple of roles for a fun web commercial (non-union)
for NESTEA. The spot shoots June 14th in Venice, CA and pays $225 for
each performer.  I am looking to meet performers on Wednesday of this
week from 10am-12pm.   And tomorrow from 5pm - 6:30pm.

Featured Performer:  looking for a young girl (9-10) rock guitar
player.  The spot calls for the performer to play a Hendrix riff --
although we can use VFX for that as long as the girl is a GREAT
electric guitar player, preferably has acting ability.

Stand-In Performer:  Looking for a petit young girl/woman (12-18) that
could pass as a stand-in "arms" playing the Hendrix riff for the
featured performer.  Must be excellent enough to play a Hendrix song.

As you can tell, these have been tough to find.  If you know of
anyone that might be interested please have them or their parents/guardian
email me at  Byroncasting@gmail.com or contact me directly at