Daisy Rock is doing whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music. ~Tish Ciravolo

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Blast from the Past: Daisy Rock at the 2002 NAMM Show


Daisy Rock caters to the budding young musician and Tish explained her line: “It’s called the Daisy Rock Guitar. It’s got a slim neck profile and it’s a lightweight guitar. It’s a guitar designed for little girls around the age of 6 to about 12 to learn how to play electric guitar. And then of course after I made the little one for the little girls, every friend of mine panicked and said “I have to have one of those; I need a bigger one,” so I made this one. (Points to larger guitar.) This one has two pickups that’s more of a touring artist guitar for big girls, and then, because I play bass guitar, I made the bass guitar.” And not JUST daisies: Tish continues: “I started with the daisy collection, and now I have what I call the “Heartbreakers,” and again I have it in the short scale for little girls (or little boys), full scale for artists, and we have the bass guitar. In fact, I just sent this guitar, the Heartbreaker artist in black, to Joan Jett, so that’s the kind of artist I’m trying to get my guitars out to.”

On the NAMM experience, Tish gushed, “NAMM is awesome! NAMM is really a lot of fun for me because I make guitars that nobody else makes, so I’m not really a competing guitar line. No one’s doing hearts or daisies except me, so it’s fun…Oh my god, it’s just nonstop! Everybody just….at first they go, “oh how cute,” or they go, “how cool,” or they go, “oh my god it’s a heart!” They don’t know how to react because it’s so different.” I asked her what her best part of being at the convention was, and she replied, “The NAMM organization is really great and really behind a lot of kids getting into music this year, and so I think that’s a really good part of it. And attendance has been normal I think…a lot of people talked about how it wasn’t going to be good, but I think it’s been great!"

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