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Alfred CEO Ron Manus Featured in Music Advocacy Piece in Today’s Washington Post

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Ron Manus, CEO of Alfred Music Publishing, was featured in a Q&A print interview within the Music Education report featured in today’s issue of The Washington Post. Gathered from a music industry-wide panel of experts, the special feature reported on the importance and academic benefits of music education, including input from educators, music manufacturers and associations, along with additional interviews with Grammy®-Award winning artists Jason Mraz and Barry Manilow.

The Music Education report brings awareness to the current state of music in education, while reinforcing its importance, revealing current actions taken to advance the general cause, and sharing a variety of ways people can get involved. All articles and interviews featured in The Washington Post special issue supported the top three music education facts recognized to date:

     1. Performing music exercises the brain.

     2. Cutting music programs does not save money.

     3. Music learning can lead to increased cognitive functioning.

“Music changed my attitude about school, and my grades went up—so did my self-esteem,” shared Ron Manus. “Science backs my statement! I’m constantly sharing this with skeptics, and especially with those affected by music education budget cuts, and point them to the study at supportmusic.com conducted by the NAMM foundation.”

Additional topics in the report included tools for teaching young children about music, how music leads to self-discovery, linking music success, and many more. The print feature closed with the TAKE ACTION segment, highlighting the top 25 things you can do to keep music in schools, provided by the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

To learn more about Alfred Music Publishing and its commitment to helping people experience the joy of making music, visit alfred.com.