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Vanessa Bryan plays
Verona Rose plays Rebel Rockit Supernova
I was involved in a 3 car accident where we were hit pretty hard and my car was totaled. My Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Electric was in the back seat on the floor with the neck facing the rear. When we were removed from the car, I refused to go unless they retrieved my guitar. I was so nervous because I love my guitar and it was in a soft case. Even though the top of the case was ripped, the guitar didn’t have a scratch on it. I always knew Daisy Rock products were awesome, but now I know that they are built top notch. With the force the truck hit us from behind and the guitar being in a soft case, I was sure I was going to have to replace her guitar. Your products and staff rock Tish!
White Collar Sideshow
Veronica Benton plays Stardust Elite Bass
Gorilla Candy
Vikoko Blackback plays