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3/30/15 11:42PM
Guitarist Nikki O'Neill (Women's Road To Rock Guitar, Alfred Music Publishing) explains the guitar fretboard in the brand-new issue of She Shreds magazine!
3/30/15 10:36AM
Summer NAMM 2015 BADGES!!! Send your information to by April 12th, 2015. (Link)
3/29/15 12:17PM
(Link) I have a friend in Turkey, Ozgun Gokturk, who entered a solo guitar contest. Would appreciate it if you take a listen and vote if you like it. Click on Rate. Thanks! :)

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09/13/2011 Are you a team player or soloist? ~ Apparently women compete better in teams. What do you think?
09/09/2011 “I LOVE this! Check it out – I think you will love it too!!!!” ~ Tish Ciravolo, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars
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09/06/2011 Did you know... ~ ... that today is Mob Convention Day?
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08/30/2011 Exclusive: Amanda Palmer's New Track, "In My Mind" and Interview ~ LA Weekly
08/26/2011 Women's Equality Yet to Be Fully Realized ~ Huffington Post
08/26/2011 Women's Equality Yet to Be Fully Realized ~ Huffington Post
08/25/2011 Guitar Girl'd: Guitar Center Respects the Ladies ~ Guitar World
08/23/2011 Libyan Women React to the Battle for Tripoli ~ Blog Her
08/23/2011 Interview with Ann Wilson of Heart ~ Examiner
08/19/2011 Tech gadgets that don't need to be pink but are ~ CBS News
08/19/2011 Interview With Share Ross of Vixen ~ Ultimate Guitar
08/16/2011 Happy 53rd birthday, Madonna! ~ You're still our lucky star
08/16/2011 Comedian Jorjeana Marie Joins the Daisy Rock Family ~ Press Release
08/16/2011 Awesomeness of Female-Fronted Bands ~
08/12/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Jaclyn Brown to its Artist Roster ~ Press Release
08/11/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Singer-Songwriter Emily Capell to Artist Roster ~ Press Release
08/11/2011 The Go-Go's to Receive Walk of Fame Star ~ Induction ceremony for the '80s rock band
08/10/2011 Check Out Nikki O'Neill Giving Guitar Lessons ~ on Mahalo!
08/10/2011 Women Wednesday Spotlight ~ Ronnie Spector - HAPPY BIRTHDAY
08/08/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Christina DeNee’ to its Artist Roster ~ Press Release
08/05/2011 Have You Joined the MEOW-ling list? ~ Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women
08/05/2011 We Are Rootin' For You ~ Jes
08/05/2011 Brooke Scher Joins Daisy Rock Family ~ Press Release
08/04/2011 Please Welcome Cheska of A + Dropouts ~ Press Release
08/03/2011 Brogan Burnsides's New Video ~ Check it Out
08/03/2011 Great article about the treatment of women in retail stores ~ a MUST read! Thanks for the shout-out, Guitar Center!
08/02/2011 Houston Girls Rock ~ Free Press Houston
07/29/2011 Freebie Friday ~ Score a Daisy Rock acoustic guitar and Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside's new album!
07/29/2011 EXCLUSIVE: Meet Fresh New Star Manika! ~ Bop and Tiger Beat!
07/28/2011 Jamey Geston Rocks! ~ Wildwood Artist Deluxe
07/27/2011 Awesome Quote ~ Kevin Spacey
07/27/2011 Gear in Review ~ Active Musician
07/27/2011 Welcome Nicol Macias of Stars of Seraphim ~ Press Release
07/26/2011 Actress Sammi Hanratty Joins The Daisy Rock Family ~ Press Release
07/26/2011 Thanks For the Shout Out, Guitar Center ~ You all ROCK!!
07/25/2011 RIP Amy Winehouse. ~ So young and So sad
07/25/2011 To all Daisy Rock Artists! ~ Command Recording Studios in Santa Clarita is offering Daisy Rock Guitar artists an Exclusive deal!
07/21/2011 San Diego’s Pink Army ~ Interview
07/20/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Kayleigh Goldsworthy of The Scarlet Ending to the Family ~ Press Release
07/19/2011 Listen to Savannah sing, play the guitar on TODAY SHOW ~ Pixie Pink Sparkle featured!
07/19/2011 Jamie Grace - Hold Me Music Video featuring Wildwood Artist Deluxe ~ Currently #1 on Christian CHR Radio.
07/18/2011 Out to Change the Image of Pop Music, Eryn Woods Joins the Daisy Rock Artist Roster ~ Press Release
07/18/2011 JACKIE ROCKS Hits LA ~ Press Release
07/18/2011 Daisy Rock Glitter Guitars: ~ The Siren
07/15/2011 Interview with Guitarist Kristen Capolino: ~ Looks Like Your Sister, Plays Like a Powerhouse
07/15/2011 EMA: Young woman with a guitar ~ Chicago Tribune
07/14/2011 Who Will Win the Women's World Cup? ~ Japan or USA
07/12/2011 The Power 100 Women in Entertainment ~ Huffington Post
07/11/2011 Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Workshop Inspires Beginner Guitarists ~ at the Museum of Making Music
07/08/2011 Congratulations to Tish Ciravolo for Being Recognized by NAMM ~ As a Leading Female in the Music Industry
06/30/2011 DRG Endorsed Artists Display Now Featured at Guitar Center ~ Press Release
06/28/2011 Getting an Artist Endorsement Deal ~ Daisy Rock Artist Relations, Jennifer Farmer Talks About It
06/28/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Promising New Artist Kirsten Price to the Growing Roster ~ Press Release
06/23/2011 Did you know... ~ ... that today is Triumph over Adversity Day?
06/23/2011 Young Austinites spend week writing their songs, then hit stage like rock stars! ~ Welcome to Girls Rock Camp, Austin-style.
06/20/2011 Check out our latest interview with Anita Robinson of Viva Voce ~ on Ultimate Guitar!
06/20/2011 Check out our latest interview with Anita Robinson of Viva Voce ~ on Ultimate Guitar!
06/14/2011 Help Kids Rock! Fundraiser Hosted by Guitar Center Highlight reel: ~ See Tish Ciravolo on the Judges Panel!
06/13/2011 Summer 'R & R' means Rock 'N' Roll at camp ~ Daisy Rock Donates
06/13/2011 CW 6 Morning News: Summer Camp Previews ~ Museum of Making Music!!
06/10/2011 2011 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Award Nominee’s!! ~ Congrats Tish!!
06/10/2011 Zola Rocks a Lefty Isis ~ Bam! Bam! "Why I Had to Go"
06/10/2011 KMW Joins Daisy Rock's Artist Roster ~ Press Release
06/10/2011 Do You Have What it Takes ~ To Be A Bootsy Girl?
06/08/2011 The original riot grrrl on Katy Perry, '90s revival ~ Kathleen Hanna
06/07/2011 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum announces a special evening with pioneering musician ~ Genya Ravan
06/07/2011 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum announces a special evening with pioneering musician ~ Genya Ravan
06/06/2011 Are you talking to me ~ Respecting Women in Metal
06/03/2011 Benefit Concert & Silent Auction in honor of 'Kourtney Najjar' 6/19/11 @ the Cuvier Club in La Jolla! ~ Please Help Support by Donating!!
06/02/2011 Katy Marosok Joins The Daisy Rock Family ~ Press Release
06/02/2011 You Never Heard of Fanny? ~ Ms Magazine Blog
06/02/2011 You Never Heard of Fanny? ~ Ms Magazine Blog
06/01/2011 CONTEST ALERT!! Submit a photo of yourself next to our display in Guitar Center for your chance to win a Pixie Acoustic/Electric in Pink Sparkle! ~ See Rules attached!!
06/01/2011 Country Stars MJ2 Join the Daisy Rock Artist Roster ~ Press Release
05/31/2011 Momz In The Mix ~ Daisy Rock Guitars & Books and Cookies
05/31/2011 We Know Women Rock ~ Tell Us Something New!
05/26/2011 Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars, ~ Honored with Illumination Award by Project MuszEd
05/26/2011 Download 10 free songs! ~ from Warped Tour artists
05/26/2011 Local Teen Girl bands in NYC ~ These New York City bands are urban cool and tween-friendly.
05/24/2011 CASTING 9-10 year old rock guitar girl ~ Los Angeles
05/24/2011 ‎"Women Who Rock" exhibit and opening ~ at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
05/24/2011 Daisy Rock teams up with Roland and Girl Scouts of America ~ Press Release
05/24/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Montana Leigh Wootton to Its Artist Roster ~ Press Release
05/20/2011 Please Welcome Pink Army! ~ Press Release
05/19/2011 New Daisy Rock Guitars Now Available at Guitar Center ~ Press Release
05/18/2011 Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Supports Girl Scouts Rock! ~ Press Release
05/17/2011 Side Order: A music museum that hits all the high notes ~ Washington Post
05/17/2011 Soundcheck Website Featuring Top Female Guitarists ~ Launched by Daisy Rock Girl Guitars and
05/17/2011 Daisy Rock Welcomes Sensational Folk Artist Lex Land to Its Artist Roster ~ Press Release
05/16/2011 Kristen Capolino: 'Gary Moore Is My Biggest Influence' ~ on Ultimate Guitar's Soundcheck
05/12/2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum's annual It's Only Rock and Roll Spring Benefit Concert on Saturday, May 14!! ~ Featuring Wanda Jackson, Darlene Love, Mavis Staples, Cyndi Lauper
05/12/2011 Wishing our friends at Roland & the Girl Scouts a successful and inspiring “Girl Scouts Rock” camp ~ this Saturday in Chicago!
05/11/2011 ATTN: female artists in or around the NY and Chicago area ~ Do you want to teach at a Girl Scouts event?
05/10/2011 Sparks The Rescue's new album "Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With" ~ AVAILABLE NOW!
05/05/2011 The Original Wild Woman of Rock, Genya Ravan, Joins the Daisy Rock Family! ~ Press Release
05/03/2011 Devon Goocher Joins the Daisy Rock Family! ~ Press Release
05/02/2011 Guitar Player's "Guts and Glitter" ~ on Daisy Rock TV!