Tish Ciravolo

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6/28/16 9:45PM
Hi everyone! Emma Marie is looking into some cool opportunities with her music (workshops, radio play, playing at great venues, etc) which requires a submission process. One of the requirements is STRONG social media presence. She NEEDS more followers here on facebook as well as Instagram and Twitter. We are so thankful to all of you who are already fans of the page! Can you please help her boost up her followers by sharing this post and MOST IMPORTANT, when you share this post please write a personal message from YOU so people will read it. Her instagram is Twitter is EmmaMarieMusic1. Thanks in advance! ;) Daisy Rock Guitars
6/23/16 12:53PM
6/21/16 8:32AM
See Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars LIVE in SYDNEY!!!!

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01/08/2006 Daisy Rock artist Samantha Seth highlighted as one of "Scotland's Most Inspiring Under 22's" by Scotland newspaper The Sunday Mail!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock announces the new Star Series at Winter NAMM!!
01/01/2006 New Daisy Rock Stardust Elite Rebel Guitars to debut at Winter NAMM!!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock Takes Perfection to the Next Level with the Rock Candy Custom and Custom Special
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock brightens the Stardust Series with the New Retro-H Custom Guitar
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock expands the Stardust Series with the bold new Elite Custom Guitar
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock adds a new face to the popular Heartbreaker Series!!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock adds the new Special 4- and 5-string basses to the Rock Candy Line-up!!
01/01/2006 Two new colors added to the Rock Candy Series!!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock adds the beautiful new Purple Daze finish to the Wildwood Acoustic series!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock adds a new Rosewood Fingerboard option to the Tom Boy series!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock Guitars and Basses featured in Guitar Player and Bass Player magazines' Ultimate Guide to Guitar & Bass Gear (2006)
01/01/2006 Want to become a DR endorsed artist?
12/31/2005 Stop by BassGirls.Com and enter to win a FREE Daisy Rock bass!!
12/25/2005 Daisy Rock featured in the Holiday issue of Guitar World
12/20/2005 Congratulations to Christine Solly, winner of the Daisy Rock Wildwood Acoustic Guitar signed by the Indigo Girls and given away at this year's Atlanta GoGirls Music Fest! ~ Here\'s a picture of her with all the evening\'s performers, including Daisy Rock artists Manifest Frequency (on the far right)...
12/15/2005 Daisy Rock's Wildwood Acoustic / Electric Guitar featured in this month's issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine
12/13/2005 Daisy Rock's new Star Series featured on Modern Guitars' Website
12/08/2005 Daisy Rock artists The Mydols on Night Shift this Sunday!
12/07/2005 Enter to win a Daisy Rock prize package at!
12/06/2005 Stop by and enter to win a Daisy Rock guitar strap!
12/05/2005 Rocker Mom's HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and Daisy Rock featured on Boston's WHDH Channel 7!!
12/02/2005 Daisy Rock sponsors this year's Rock For Kids!
12/01/2005 Daisy Rock sponsored Girls Rock & Girls Rule showcase featured in the Long Island Press!
12/01/2005 Daisy Rock's Ice Blue Retro-H Guitar in the Fall Issue of Rockrgrl!!
12/01/2005 Daisy Rock accessories featured in this month's issue of Alternative Press!
11/30/2005 Daisy Rock endorser Ida Evileye of Crucified Barbara featured in this month's issue of Bass Guitar magazine!
11/20/2005 Daisy Rock sponsors the 17th Annual Rock for Kids Charity Auction on December 2nd!
11/19/2005 Daisy Rock donates a Stardust Elite Crimson Burst Bass to the Planned Parenthood Women's Health Conference at CSUSB.
11/15/2005 Daisy Rock accessories featured in this month's issue of Music Inc.!
11/14/2005 Daisy Rock at the 2005 RockrGrl Conference
11/11/2005 Daisy Rock artists <b>7k</b> are going on tour!
11/10/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors "Free-Aid" in Los Angeles on November 12th
11/06/2005 Don't miss tonight's Garage Rumble in Woodstock, NY!!
11/05/2005 Daisy Rock Artist Cookie Cutter Girl stops by to visit the Daisy Rock offices!
11/03/2005 Daisy Rock sponsors the Girls Rock & Girls Rule Showcase in New York City on December 1, 2005 ~ Stop by and enter to win a Purple Passion Stardust Retro-H Special Daisy Rock Guitar!
11/01/2005 Daisy Rock featured in a new article about Daisy & Lilly ~ Daisy & Lilly, the first apparel store to sell Daisy Rock guitars, has received another great write-up, this time in the Business Section of the October 21, 2005 issue of The Record.
10/27/2005 Manifest Frequency and the Atlanta GoGirlsMusicFest to be featured on Atlanta & Company tomorrow morning!
10/26/2005 Daisy Rock on The Price is Right next Wednesday!
10/25/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Beth Shir Sholom Silent Auction
10/21/2005 Daisy Rock sponsors Think Pink: Music for the Mammaries Breast Cancer Awareness/Benefit Concert at MiraCosta College
10/20/2005 Daisy Rock in the November issue of Guitar Player magazine!
10/19/2005 Daisy Rock's Rock Candy Bass wins Bass Player Magazine's Editors' Award!!
10/17/2005 Don't forget to stop by the Atlanta GoGirlsMusicFest and enter to win a Daisy Rock Guitar signed by the Indigo Girls!
10/17/2005 Enter to win a Daisy Rock Atomic Pink Rock Candy Guitar at!!
10/14/2005 Check out Mila Cuda, one of the newest members of the Daisy Rock family!
10/12/2005 Daisy Rock's Atomic Pink Rock Candy Guitar featured in the current issue of Rolling Stone!!!
10/11/2005 The girls from Knucklehead Strings visit Daisy Rock Guitars!!
10/10/2005 Daisy Rock Artists Lisa Loeb and Lindsay Rush to Perform on October 18th
10/07/2005 Have you nominated Wanda Jackson for Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet? ~ Right-click on the attached image, select "Print Picture," sign it and send it in. We\'ve even included the mailing label!!!
10/05/2005 Daisy Rock's Pixie Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack featured in the Winter issue of Play Guitar!
10/03/2005 Daisy Rock on The Price is Right this Friday!
10/02/2005 Thanks from Sycamore Child Care
10/01/2005 Thanks from Full Compass and Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin
10/01/2005 Daisy Rock Donates a Powder Pink Pixie for the St. Finbar Harvest Ball and Silent Auction
09/27/2005 Enter to Win a Daisy Rock Pepper Mint Daisy Guitar from Teen magazine!
09/26/2005 Manifest Frequency Receives the Best of Atlanta Award for Favorite Female Musicians
09/24/2005 Daisy Rock Artist Lindsay Rush Performs at Daisy & Lily
09/20/2005 Daisy Rock's Rock Candy Guitar Featured in the October Issue of Singer & Musician Magazine
09/15/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Musicians Unite Against Child Abuse event on 9/16/05
09/14/2005 Win a Daisy Rock Gift Bag at the Garage Rumble on November 6th!!
09/12/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Atlanta GoGirlsFest 2005 on October 29th!!
09/11/2005 Stop by the Knitting Factory NYC for Maskara IV on October 5th!!
09/10/2005 Don't miss this year's Taking the Reins Barbecue in Los Angeles on October 9th!
09/09/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors the San Diego GoGirlsFest 2005 on October 8th!!
09/08/2005 Live in Arizona? Tune in to Good Morning Arizona on Monday to see Daisy Rock on TV!
09/07/2005 Daisy Rock in the October Issue of Guitar Player magazine!!
09/06/2005 Don't forget to nominate Wanda Jackson for Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!! ~ Need another copy of the letter to send in? Right-click on the attached image, select "Print Picture," sign it and send it in. We\'ve even included the mailing label!!!
09/05/2005 Daisy & Lily featured in this month's issue of (201) Magazine!!
09/03/2005 Daisy Rock artist Black Flamingo is this month's featured artist at!!
09/02/2005 Hurricane Katrina - You Can Help
09/01/2005 If you're in New Jersey, stop by Daisy & Lily!!
08/31/2005 Daisy Rock Artists Aly & A.J. debut at #36 in the Billboard Top 200 this week!!!
08/30/2005 See Daisy Rock in this month's issue of Guitar Player magazine!!
08/30/2005 Daisy Rock at the Kidzapalooza Instrument Petting Zoo ~ This kid is just TOO CUTE!!!
08/29/2005 Did you know that Madonna's daughter plays a Daisy Rock Guitar? See a picture in this month's issue of Vogue...
08/26/2005 See the full article about Daisy Rock Guitars from last week's issue of The Guardian!!!
08/26/2005 Daisy Rock's Stardust Retro H featured in the September issue of Shape Magazine
08/25/2005 Stop by Modern Guitars Magazine's web site to see Tish's article for the month of August!!
08/24/2005 Nominate Wanda Jackson for Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!! ~ Right-click on the attached image, select "Print Picture," sign it and send it in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We\'ve even included the mailing label!!!
08/23/2005 Atlantic Records artist James Blunt presents a Rock Candy Daisy Rock Guitar at this year's NARM show
08/22/2005 See cast members from the hit musical "Stomp" in the new show "Pride & Soul"
08/22/2005 Enter the "Show Us Your Cotton" Sweepstakes and Win a Daisy Rock Pink Metro Rock Candy Special!!
08/21/2005 Daisy Rock Mail!
08/21/2005 Daisy Rock Mail!!!
08/20/2005 Daisy Rock in the July/August 2005 Issue of Rockrgrl Magazine
08/19/2005 Daisy Rock Guitars Appear On "The Children's Place" Commercials Airing on TV Everywhere Now!
08/19/2005 Daisy Rock in the Fall 2005 Issue of Play Guitar! Magazine
08/19/2005 The Tom Boy Guitar Reviewed in July/August 2005 Issue of Making Music Magazine
08/18/2005 Hey Girls! You've gotta see this article - "What’s so funny about a female Jimi Hendrix?"
08/18/2005 Watch Crucified Barbara's video for the song "Losing the Game"
08/18/2005 See the Supergroupies' Video for "Bouncin'"
08/17/2005 Daisy Rock Artists The Mydols featured in the Detroit Free Press
08/16/2005 Daisy Rock Apparel in this month's issue of Music Inc. Magazine
08/15/2005 Check Out Daisy Rock Guitars In Today's Issue Of The Guardian!
08/15/2005 Tish Ciravolo Interviewed by Phil Williams Live on BBC Radio!!!
08/15/2005 See Daisy Rock Guitars on Renovate My Family!!
08/14/2005 Children's apparel shop (and Daisy Rock dealer!) Daisy & Lily featured in this month's issue of Childrens Business Magazine!!
08/13/2005 Daisy Rock Bass to be auctioned at the Alamitos Bay Garden Club Silent Auction
08/12/2005 Enter Pretty Ricky's Ultimate Back To School Hook-Up and Win A Daisy Rock Guitar!