Tish Ciravolo

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5/4/16 9:52PM
(Link)THURSDAY MAY 5TH AT 10:45AM - These women are amazing!!! Come see us and say hi and bring coffee, because, I LOVE coffee, black with truvia and cinnamon... or just come to the panel! xoxoxo
5/3/16 11:59AM
Tish Ciravolo, Founder, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars with Randy Jackson at the Generosity Water Fundraiser - "A great big thank you to JJ for taking our photo and making us look soooo cute!! Jim Jordan Generosity Water #GIRLSROCKREVOLUTION #DAISYROCKGIRLSROCK #JJRULES #RANDYJACKSON Randy Jackson
5/3/16 11:43AM
Come see me this Thursday!!!!! 10:45am Women Entrepreneurs (Link)

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01/08/2006 Daisy Rock artist Samantha Seth highlighted as one of "Scotland's Most Inspiring Under 22's" by Scotland newspaper The Sunday Mail!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock announces the new Star Series at Winter NAMM!!
01/01/2006 New Daisy Rock Stardust Elite Rebel Guitars to debut at Winter NAMM!!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock Takes Perfection to the Next Level with the Rock Candy Custom and Custom Special
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock brightens the Stardust Series with the New Retro-H Custom Guitar
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock expands the Stardust Series with the bold new Elite Custom Guitar
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock adds a new face to the popular Heartbreaker Series!!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock adds the new Special 4- and 5-string basses to the Rock Candy Line-up!!
01/01/2006 Two new colors added to the Rock Candy Series!!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock adds the beautiful new Purple Daze finish to the Wildwood Acoustic series!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock adds a new Rosewood Fingerboard option to the Tom Boy series!
01/01/2006 Daisy Rock Guitars and Basses featured in Guitar Player and Bass Player magazines' Ultimate Guide to Guitar & Bass Gear (2006)
01/01/2006 Want to become a DR endorsed artist?
12/31/2005 Stop by BassGirls.Com and enter to win a FREE Daisy Rock bass!!
12/25/2005 Daisy Rock featured in the Holiday issue of Guitar World
12/20/2005 Congratulations to Christine Solly, winner of the Daisy Rock Wildwood Acoustic Guitar signed by the Indigo Girls and given away at this year's Atlanta GoGirls Music Fest! ~ Here\'s a picture of her with all the evening\'s performers, including Daisy Rock artists Manifest Frequency (on the far right)...
12/15/2005 Daisy Rock's Wildwood Acoustic / Electric Guitar featured in this month's issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine
12/13/2005 Daisy Rock's new Star Series featured on Modern Guitars' Website
12/08/2005 Daisy Rock artists The Mydols on Night Shift this Sunday!
12/07/2005 Enter to win a Daisy Rock prize package at!
12/06/2005 Stop by and enter to win a Daisy Rock guitar strap!
12/05/2005 Rocker Mom's HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and Daisy Rock featured on Boston's WHDH Channel 7!!
12/02/2005 Daisy Rock sponsors this year's Rock For Kids!
12/01/2005 Daisy Rock sponsored Girls Rock & Girls Rule showcase featured in the Long Island Press!
12/01/2005 Daisy Rock's Ice Blue Retro-H Guitar in the Fall Issue of Rockrgrl!!
12/01/2005 Daisy Rock accessories featured in this month's issue of Alternative Press!
11/30/2005 Daisy Rock endorser Ida Evileye of Crucified Barbara featured in this month's issue of Bass Guitar magazine!
11/20/2005 Daisy Rock sponsors the 17th Annual Rock for Kids Charity Auction on December 2nd!
11/19/2005 Daisy Rock donates a Stardust Elite Crimson Burst Bass to the Planned Parenthood Women's Health Conference at CSUSB.
11/15/2005 Daisy Rock accessories featured in this month's issue of Music Inc.!
11/14/2005 Daisy Rock at the 2005 RockrGrl Conference
11/11/2005 Daisy Rock artists <b>7k</b> are going on tour!
11/10/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors "Free-Aid" in Los Angeles on November 12th
11/06/2005 Don't miss tonight's Garage Rumble in Woodstock, NY!!
11/05/2005 Daisy Rock Artist Cookie Cutter Girl stops by to visit the Daisy Rock offices!
11/03/2005 Daisy Rock sponsors the Girls Rock & Girls Rule Showcase in New York City on December 1, 2005 ~ Stop by and enter to win a Purple Passion Stardust Retro-H Special Daisy Rock Guitar!
11/01/2005 Daisy Rock featured in a new article about Daisy & Lilly ~ Daisy & Lilly, the first apparel store to sell Daisy Rock guitars, has received another great write-up, this time in the Business Section of the October 21, 2005 issue of The Record.
10/27/2005 Manifest Frequency and the Atlanta GoGirlsMusicFest to be featured on Atlanta & Company tomorrow morning!
10/26/2005 Daisy Rock on The Price is Right next Wednesday!
10/25/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Beth Shir Sholom Silent Auction
10/21/2005 Daisy Rock sponsors Think Pink: Music for the Mammaries Breast Cancer Awareness/Benefit Concert at MiraCosta College
10/20/2005 Daisy Rock in the November issue of Guitar Player magazine!
10/19/2005 Daisy Rock's Rock Candy Bass wins Bass Player Magazine's Editors' Award!!
10/17/2005 Don't forget to stop by the Atlanta GoGirlsMusicFest and enter to win a Daisy Rock Guitar signed by the Indigo Girls!
10/17/2005 Enter to win a Daisy Rock Atomic Pink Rock Candy Guitar at!!
10/14/2005 Check out Mila Cuda, one of the newest members of the Daisy Rock family!
10/12/2005 Daisy Rock's Atomic Pink Rock Candy Guitar featured in the current issue of Rolling Stone!!!
10/11/2005 The girls from Knucklehead Strings visit Daisy Rock Guitars!!
10/10/2005 Daisy Rock Artists Lisa Loeb and Lindsay Rush to Perform on October 18th
10/07/2005 Have you nominated Wanda Jackson for Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet? ~ Right-click on the attached image, select "Print Picture," sign it and send it in. We\'ve even included the mailing label!!!
10/05/2005 Daisy Rock's Pixie Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack featured in the Winter issue of Play Guitar!
10/03/2005 Daisy Rock on The Price is Right this Friday!
10/02/2005 Thanks from Sycamore Child Care
10/01/2005 Thanks from Full Compass and Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin
10/01/2005 Daisy Rock Donates a Powder Pink Pixie for the St. Finbar Harvest Ball and Silent Auction
09/27/2005 Enter to Win a Daisy Rock Pepper Mint Daisy Guitar from Teen magazine!
09/26/2005 Manifest Frequency Receives the Best of Atlanta Award for Favorite Female Musicians
09/24/2005 Daisy Rock Artist Lindsay Rush Performs at Daisy & Lily
09/20/2005 Daisy Rock's Rock Candy Guitar Featured in the October Issue of Singer & Musician Magazine
09/15/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Musicians Unite Against Child Abuse event on 9/16/05
09/14/2005 Win a Daisy Rock Gift Bag at the Garage Rumble on November 6th!!
09/12/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors the Atlanta GoGirlsFest 2005 on October 29th!!
09/11/2005 Stop by the Knitting Factory NYC for Maskara IV on October 5th!!
09/10/2005 Don't miss this year's Taking the Reins Barbecue in Los Angeles on October 9th!
09/09/2005 Daisy Rock Sponsors the San Diego GoGirlsFest 2005 on October 8th!!
09/08/2005 Live in Arizona? Tune in to Good Morning Arizona on Monday to see Daisy Rock on TV!
09/07/2005 Daisy Rock in the October Issue of Guitar Player magazine!!
09/06/2005 Don't forget to nominate Wanda Jackson for Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!! ~ Need another copy of the letter to send in? Right-click on the attached image, select "Print Picture," sign it and send it in. We\'ve even included the mailing label!!!
09/05/2005 Daisy & Lily featured in this month's issue of (201) Magazine!!
09/03/2005 Daisy Rock artist Black Flamingo is this month's featured artist at!!
09/02/2005 Hurricane Katrina - You Can Help
09/01/2005 If you're in New Jersey, stop by Daisy & Lily!!
08/31/2005 Daisy Rock Artists Aly & A.J. debut at #36 in the Billboard Top 200 this week!!!
08/30/2005 See Daisy Rock in this month's issue of Guitar Player magazine!!
08/30/2005 Daisy Rock at the Kidzapalooza Instrument Petting Zoo ~ This kid is just TOO CUTE!!!
08/29/2005 Did you know that Madonna's daughter plays a Daisy Rock Guitar? See a picture in this month's issue of Vogue...
08/26/2005 See the full article about Daisy Rock Guitars from last week's issue of The Guardian!!!
08/26/2005 Daisy Rock's Stardust Retro H featured in the September issue of Shape Magazine
08/25/2005 Stop by Modern Guitars Magazine's web site to see Tish's article for the month of August!!
08/24/2005 Nominate Wanda Jackson for Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!! ~ Right-click on the attached image, select "Print Picture," sign it and send it in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We\'ve even included the mailing label!!!
08/23/2005 Atlantic Records artist James Blunt presents a Rock Candy Daisy Rock Guitar at this year's NARM show
08/22/2005 See cast members from the hit musical "Stomp" in the new show "Pride & Soul"
08/22/2005 Enter the "Show Us Your Cotton" Sweepstakes and Win a Daisy Rock Pink Metro Rock Candy Special!!
08/21/2005 Daisy Rock Mail!
08/21/2005 Daisy Rock Mail!!!
08/20/2005 Daisy Rock in the July/August 2005 Issue of Rockrgrl Magazine
08/19/2005 Daisy Rock Guitars Appear On "The Children's Place" Commercials Airing on TV Everywhere Now!
08/19/2005 Daisy Rock in the Fall 2005 Issue of Play Guitar! Magazine
08/19/2005 The Tom Boy Guitar Reviewed in July/August 2005 Issue of Making Music Magazine
08/18/2005 Hey Girls! You've gotta see this article - "What’s so funny about a female Jimi Hendrix?"
08/18/2005 Watch Crucified Barbara's video for the song "Losing the Game"
08/18/2005 See the Supergroupies' Video for "Bouncin'"
08/17/2005 Daisy Rock Artists The Mydols featured in the Detroit Free Press
08/16/2005 Daisy Rock Apparel in this month's issue of Music Inc. Magazine
08/15/2005 Check Out Daisy Rock Guitars In Today's Issue Of The Guardian!
08/15/2005 Tish Ciravolo Interviewed by Phil Williams Live on BBC Radio!!!
08/15/2005 See Daisy Rock Guitars on Renovate My Family!!
08/14/2005 Children's apparel shop (and Daisy Rock dealer!) Daisy & Lily featured in this month's issue of Childrens Business Magazine!!
08/13/2005 Daisy Rock Bass to be auctioned at the Alamitos Bay Garden Club Silent Auction
08/12/2005 Enter Pretty Ricky's Ultimate Back To School Hook-Up and Win A Daisy Rock Guitar!